Vuba Easihold – gardening product review

Garden Trade Specialist Victoria Galligan tried out a brand new gardening product and says both traders and their customers will love it.

Brand new to the market, Vuba's patented gardening product is nothing short of genius. Designed especially for house plants, Easihold is a spray which sets stones that have been laid on top of soil – and it's completely permeable, allowing users to water and feed plants as usual.

If, like me, you've got young children who like to play with houseplants and find the taste of soil delightful, or have pets who are partial to… Full story

David Domoney - Chartered Horticulturalist - holding up bag of Evergreen Garden Care as he becomes their new brand ambassador

Evergreen Garden Care announces David Domoney Chartered Horticulturalist as brand ambassador
Evergreen Garden Care, which encompasses leading garden care brands such as Miracle-Gro®, Levington, Roundup and Tomorite, is delighted to announce it has appointed one of the UK’s most prominent Chartered Horticulturalist and TV broadcasters, David Domoney, as its brand ambassador.
The partnership will see David produce a wide range of stimulating content to motivate and support all gardeners to have… Full story

Elizabeth Dixon - printmaker

This month is National Hobby Month, so we spoke to Elizabeth Dixon, a Printmaker from Lancashire. She explains her return to Printmaking, and how you can get hold of some original art to decorate your home.

It has taken me many years to have the confidence to call myself a Printmaker - years of pursuing other creative pastimes which seemed easier to fit in around work and family life. But the imminent approach of my 60th birthday in 2019 was the catalyst that changed everything and sent me back 40 years to rediscover my love of colour, pattern and printmaking.

At the end of… Full story

Purple flowers - top plant trends 2020

The Hawkesmill Nurseries team have to keep an eye on the top plant trends when producing perennials, wildflowers, grasses, ferns, herbs and more.  Fashionable colours and varieties are more important than ever when choosing ornamental plants.  And with all of us being much more aware of climate change, it is also important to look at growing your own herbs and vegetables to ensure the food on our plate has a smaller carbon footprint.

The Pantone colour of the year has now been announced as 'Classic Blue', a hue that… Full story

Treadstone Clipglove Range

Treadstone Products has just launched a range of Industrial Safety Gloves, showcasing the expertise and technology behind the company’s ground-breaking ClipGlove gardening gloves. The industrial division will ensure a continued new product development stream, bringing its know-how to the ClipGlove range. At a time when there are so many ‘me too’ gardening glove products on the market, this affords stockists much-needed… Full story

Garden in the winter

Winter can be a beautiful time of the year. If you’re not caught outside in the middle of a frozen gale that is, looking at the wicked outdoors from inside with a cuppa can be relaxing. However, that’s easy enough to say from inside the comfort of your own home.

If reports are correct, the Beast from the East is due to return this winter, which means for our plants, this experience won’t be so pleasant. There are some things we can do to help though. Now is the time to start preparing and protecting your garden from winter elements and the Beast from the East. Allow… Full story

Green Protect logo

Green Protect is a leading retail brand in Scandinavia (known there as ‘A Green Way’) which offers a simple, effective and sustainable route to a pest-free home.

With many consumers adopting an eco-approach in their everyday lives, there is an ever increasing consumer focus over the mid-long term. We have seen an increase in the level of adoption of natural products in the European market and this is set to continue to grow across the continent with more eco-focused individuals than ever before.

Green Protect products help to prevent pests without the use of chemicals,… Full story

Fly on a leaf - Pest-Stop - domestic pest control products

Pest-Stop is a leading manufacturer of high quality, market leading domestic pest control products for the retail market worldwide.

The Pest-Stop brand offers a comprehensive range of market-leading products, from the Little Nipper mouse traps, one of the longest standing pest control brand names, to contemporary products designed with the domestic user in mind.

Pest-Stop has over 120 years of brand heritage and brings professional expertise to the amateur pest control market with new product development being driven… Full story

The Wheat Bag Company stand

The Wheat Bag Company pride ourselves on manufacturing quality products in the UK.
We have our own in house designers who design our own bespoke fabrics that we use to make our Microwavable Wheat Bags, PADi Pillows and a range of textiles products.
Our Microwavable Wheat Bags are filled with English wheat and lavender and are comforting, warming and relaxing and a natural way to soothe aches and pains. They are available in a large selection of designs with finest English lavender buds or unscented. We also offer bespoke eye catching wooden display units free of charge to… Full story

Winter garden - Preparing your Garden for Spring, in Winter

By Will Haxby, Marketing and Ornamental Sales Director at Haddonstone

In the colder months, it’s easy to neglect, forget or put off looking after your garden. And it’s understandable, especially with the drop in temperature and sunlight that the winter months bring. 

But, for many homeowners, the garden is your pride and joy. In fact, the average Brit spends more than 2000 days gardening in their life, and it can add as much as 20% to the value of a home. Your garden could be the reason you purchased a house… Full story

Malini soft furnishings design - orange and grey geo print

Garden Trade Specialist editor Victoria Galligan catches up with Malini, a leading brand in premium soft furnishings, to find out the interiors trends for 2020 and find out why the brand is a popular choice for garden centres…

Malini is likely a brand you’ll have come across – its luxury cushions, throws rugs and quilts are stocked in many of the high-end garden centres in the country. When the company began trading in the 90s, its first big deal was with the Pier chain of furniture retailers and since then it’s gone from strength to strength, becoming a favourite supplier… Full story

OKI plant loops - garden centre printing must be sustainable

The post-digital environment will see the horticultural sector ever more dominated by developing technologies and artificial intelligence – and sustainability remains of the utmost importance. 

The horticultural industry contributes more than £24 billion a year to the UK’s GDP and employs more than 550,000 people.  Garden centres are booming, but how environmentally sustainable is the sector as a whole? Larger retailers have diversified their business with cafés, adventure playgrounds, gift shops, workshops, Christmas grottos and by hosting events to attract visitors all… Full story

Flowers on a Pictur-esque Greetings and Christmas Cards

Over the past 10 years, Pictur-esque have established a solid reputation for high quality blank cards and Christmas cards, designed by Yorkshire photographer Charlotte Gale.

Blank Cards

Pictur-esque’s blank card ranges prove popular with garden centres, farm and gift shops. 
Charlotte’s vibrant and creative style ensures that her designs have a strong point of sale impact and naturally lend themselves to this type of retail environment. The versatility of the ranges and their suitability for a wide variety of occasions, means that they are also a firm… Full story

Copdock Mill Wholesale Logo

Copdock Mill is a family-run business with over a century of trading expertise, manufacturing and supplying premium quality foods for cage and wild birds, poultry and household pets such as dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Today, the company also supplies its own specialist fishing bait and essential foods and bedding products for the equine industry. Established in 1912 by Herbert George Gladwell, Copdock Mill originally started as a country mill. The family run business continues today, whilst diversifying to produce and supply premium quality animal food supplies and accessories… Full story

Formbar trolley

Formbar stock traditional and modern, innovative trolleys and baskets so Garden Centres can give a true impression of their brand values from the first moment a customer arrives. We have a range of trolleys that are suitable in garden centres and our customers love. We have a traditional wire garden centre trolleys that your customers will be familiar with as well as some unique new products. We stock plastic Polycart trolleys and garden centres tend to love the plastic flatbed and the small 78 litre trolley. 
We are the UK’s only distributor for Polycart - plastic trolleys. Their… Full story