Burgon & Ball Makes a Splash with New Watering Cans

This season Burgon & Ball is making a splash with the launch of new watering cans in both the outdoor and the indoor watering categories. The new options join the line-up in Burgon & Ball’s extensive range of watering solutions.

In the garden

Burgon and Ball 9L waterfall can British Racing Green - new watering cansBurgon & Ball brings new options in outdoor watering to retailers this season. Building on the success of its 5-litre Waterfall watering cans, Burgon & Ball is now launching this popular design in a full-size 9-litre capacity.

Created for the serious gardener who wants to invest in a long-lasting, high-performance and stylish full-size watering can, at an RRP of £49.99 these new Waterfall 9-litre cans offer an attractive margin to the retailer.

This ergonomically-designed watering can has a slimline oval shape to avoid painful bumps against knees while walking. It features a single-handed hold to eliminate twisting the back, instead using gravity to help the handle slide gently through the fingers as it’s used - the emptier the can gets, the more it tips. The comfortable roll-edged handle is easy to hold and doesn’t cut into the hand. 

The new 9-litre Waterfall can is available in a choice of slate grey and British racing green, the two top-selling colours of the 5-litre range. The steel of the can is galvanized and then gets a tough powder coating to ensure rust resistance and long life. For the gardener’s peace of mind, the watering cans are covered by a five-year guarantee on performance, excluding cosmetic changes in appearance due to wear and tear.

This new introduction fills a gap in the market for a full-size, heavy duty can which looks beautiful but which won’t let the gardener down, and it’s a real pleasure to use.

In the home

Burgon and Ball indoor watering can pale jade with Bilbao indoor pots lifestyleBuilding on the huge demand for Burgon & Ball’s small-but-beautifully-formed indoor watering can, there are now two new colour options for this top-selling line. Reflecting the hottest trends in interiors, the new colours are Pale Jade, a subtly cool shade of palest green, and Heritage Blue, a soft mid-blue with a touch of neutral grey.

Just 12cm high, holding 0.7 litre and with a fine spout for a very targeted pour, these stylish little watering cans are ideal for all houseplants, especially those very-much-in-demand mini plants and of course the adored succulents. The FSC®-certified beech wood handle adds an on-trend touch of natural material and gives the can a striking ‘designer’ look. With an attractive RRP of £15.99, and combining design flair with functionality, the new watering cans deserve a place in the display of every houseplant fan.

In an innovative upselling opportunity for retailers, these two new watering cans match the colour choices in the latest design in Burgon & Ball’s popular range of indoor plant pots, the strikingly geometric Bilbao footed pot. Offering both great appeal for the houseplant addict and an appealing pairing for gifting, the new cans are sure to work hard for retailers.

With these new watering cans for the home and for the garden, Burgon & Ball offers great new choices in watering for retailers this season.