Calling nature lovers …

ExaClair Limited, the UK supplier for Clairefontaine, has introduced the Jungle Harmony collection of premium stationery, which is based on a depiction of the Amazonian forests and added new designs to their popular La Vie en Vosges notebooks range.

The enchanting Jungle Harmony sets of designs were created by Parisian graphic designers Tiphanine Massari and Agathe Hondré at The delicate patterns create a blend between tropical plants, birds and butterflies which will look stylish in any environment. 

Jungle Harmony for all nature loversThe notebooks are available in a range of sizes including A4, A5, A6 and small shopping pads. Some feature sewn-spines, others wire-bound and even cloth bound version are available. 

Completing the fashionable look, the collection also features desktop accessories, including letter holders, pen pots and magazine files. In addition, lever arch files, elasticated folders and storage boxes that provide filing solutions for a tidy desk are also part of the selection.

The new extensions to La Vie en Vosges notebooks collection feature impressive designs of snowdrops and daffodils. Like the existing designs reflecting the mountains and forests of the Vosges region in France, these new additions portray the flowers in a beautiful modern simplistic style. These designs have been created by the French illustrator Edith Duprez who was inspired by the charming Vosges area, the French forest region where Clairefontaine has been producing its papers since 1858.

La Vie en Vosges notebook collection for all nature loversThese latest additions include stapled, sewn-spine and wire-bound notebooks, guest books and indexed notebooks, and along with all the notebooks in the Clairefontaine collections contain the PEFC™ certified, super-smooth 90gsm Clairefontaine brushed vellum paper that is loved by pen fans globally. 

Lawrence Savage, Marketing Manager at ExaClair, says the Jungle Harmony collection was designed to bring a sense of well-being: “Perfect for enthusiasts of tropical patterns, the central theme of this collection is being in touch with nature to help create a positive working environment. The pastel green background adds to this feeling with its calming and soothing colour.” He also adds: “The new notebooks added to La Vie en Vosges collection offer a contemporary style with a choice of five designs highlighting nature’s beauty and will give users a sense of the outdoors and spring.”

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