keep cash flow active in garden centres

There is no doubt that the continuation of the Covid-19 lockdown is placing significant and never before seen pressures on the garden retail supply chain, however the Garden Industry Manufacturer’s Association (GIMA) is issuing a call to action to retailers to keep cash flow active and that it continues to reach suppliers.
Pre-season deliveries in January and February would traditionally see payments reach suppliers in April and May, but in a world where Coronavirus is creating an unprecedented landscape, receipt of these payments are not necessarily a given as retailers… Full story

Free online diagnostic tools

Two of the UK's leading aquatic brands have officially launched online diagnostic tools for people social-distancing and self-isolating at home to get expert advice from the safety of their sofas (April 2020).
Aquarium specialist Interpet and its sister brand, Blagdon, which creates products for garden pond keepers, have formally unveiled tools designed to help people cutdown on non-essential trips away from home.
Adrian Exell, Development and Marketing Manager at Interpet, says: “Our indoor aquatics’ tool has been designed to help users diagnose common fish and… Full story

Primeur’s unbreakable recycled rubber range

Primeur’s new generation of ‘virtually indestructible’ garden ranges, which are renowned for their ability to endure punishing levels of wear and tear without suffering damage, will remain in pristine condition whether garden centres are forced to remain closed for weeks or locked down for months.

Unlike traditional materials commonly sold for garden use, Primuer’s Eco Garden range of recycled rubber innovations will not crack, fade, stain or rot. This exceptional level of robustness offers unrivalled reassurance for retailers, who have added peace of mind that their… Full story

woman carrying out garden jobs

According to new research from leading tool firm, Draper Tools, many people across Britain are finding DIY and gardening to be therapeutic right now, with several garden jobs cited as being ‘strangely satisfying’ in the current climate.

Planting seeds, bulbs or plants in the garden topped the list of the UK’s most satisfying DIY jobs. The Draper Tools study also found that mowing the lawn, jet-washing the patio and perfectly trimming a hedge were among the most enjoyable tasks too. Others love painting a fence and digging out troublesome weeds.

Kev Smith, Head of Marketing… Full story

Feed wild birds this spring

Leading quality wild bird and pet food producer, Henry Bell & Co, is sharing its top tips on what to feed wild birds at this time of year. Spring is an important time for wild birds, as it is the season for egg development and for young birds to receive the right nourishment as they grow. It’s also important to look after parent birds to help them raise their chicks successfully. 

Henry Bell & Co is a fourth-generation family-owned British business that produces quality animal feeds. The company launched… Full story

improve your garden

With many now spending a lot more time at home for the foreseeable future, experts offer their top tips to spruce up your outdoor space and improve your garden without spending a penny. 

As people look to cut back on unnecessary costs and spending, experts at Hitachi Personal Finance share insight and handy tips to help create a simple and effective checklist for a low budget garden makeover.


  1. Start with a tidy up… Full story

glasshouse from Hartley Botanic

Historic Glasshouse and Greenhouse manufacturer Hartley Botanic has launched a new stately, bespoke Glasshouse as part of its Modern Horticulture range. The Opus Grand Botanic, which was set to be unveiled at Chelsea… Full story

Gardening deemed critically important

With the nation currently isolating in their homes and facilities shut down, we have little choice but to try and enjoy this enforced staycation.  Maintaining mental and physical wellbeing during this time will be of paramount importance as so many areas of our lives feel very much out of our control. Thankfully the sun is beginning to make a more regular appearance, which means the garden is finally open for business. Here, leading garden PR agency, Hornby Whitefoot PR,explore the vital role gardening has for mental and physical wellbeing – as if we needed any further excuses to get out… Full story

geraniums on table

With vibrant colours that brighten up any outside space or more subtle tones that can create a relaxing floral oasis geraniums can transform gardens, patios and terraces – whatever the size.

Loved for their stunning flower heads, geraniums (also known as Pelargonium) are real beauties with gorgeous green leaves and fabulous flowers in a variety of colours such as red, white, pink, purple, lilac and orange. Great as a pop of colour in the summer garden, Pelargonium for Europe know that geraniums … Full story

Lifestylegarden support retailers during lockdown

LifestyleGarden®, the pioneer of the ground breaking DuraOcean® chair and stunning outdoor furniture ranges backed by an environmental and sustainable business agenda, has taken steps to ensure that extensive stock of its leading product portfolio is readily available to its customers including those set-up with transactional webstores, in a bid to meet consumer demand during the nationwide lockdown.

Since the Government ordered all non-essential retailers, including garden centres, to close their doors just weeks before the peak Easter sales period, LifestyleGarden® has vowed to … Full story

Adam Turley - What you should know about protecting intellectual property

From gardening tools to revolutionary new product designs, too often those behind the original design forget to ensure their intellectual property is protected, says Adam Turley, Intellectual Property specialist at Baines Wilson LLP.

The effects of doing so can have tremendous consequences on businesses financially, as well as rendering the benefits of originality virtually invisible. Knowing how to protect and maximise your intellectual property, particularly within the garden trade, ensuring that it is solely you and… Full story

Keeping your garden dog-friendly - none poisonous plants

Owning a dog and having a beautiful garden do not have to be mutually exclusive; however when tending to your garden and planting for spring it is important to consider the plants and products that can be poisonous, in order to look after your pet’s health. It's a well known fact that foods such as chocolate are toxic to dogs, but there are hundreds of plants which can also pose a danger without owners realising. For example, most mushrooms are non-toxic to dogs so their risks are discussed less, however a small few can cause paralysis or even death so it is safer to remove all mushrooms… Full story

Gardening has been proven to help beat depression

Many of us feel anxious and depressed at some point in our lives. In the UK, nearly a fifth of adults experience depression or anxiety, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The data also found that women were more likely to report that they suffer from the conditions than men. Key reasons were said to be overthinking and big life events, including family bereavement. Of course, anyone can be at risk of the illness, but certain genetic variations may make some more prone to the condition than others.

Unfortunately, while anti-depressants are prescribed to help as a… Full story

Robins are just one species which will be attracted to your wildlife haven

Unfortunately, in recent years the bee population has seen a drastic decline — a third of bees have died, and if they became extinct this would have devastating effects on our ecosystem. This is because bees pollinate around 70 of the 100 different crop species that provide food for 90 per cent of the global population. It can be extremely rewarding helping wildlife thrive by attracting animals to a garden – here's what to invest in to help create a natural haven for animals…

Water features

Ideally, if your garden is big enough, you’d be able to integrate a pond.  This,… Full story

Award winning vegan fertiliser - Natural Grower

Natural Grower is a nutrient rich organic, vegan fertiliser that is free from any animal matter and made from the by-product of a renewable energy plant that is fed with maize to make electricity for the National Grid. The business which launched last year is Organic Farmers and Growers, The Vegan Society and Soil Association approved and won the GIMA Innovators award in September 2019.

The brand is looking forward to being stocked nationwide in 2020, with a distribution partnership agreement confirmed with Decco. Decco are… Full story