preparing a garden for spring - mulch

Gena Lorainne from Fantastic Services speaks to Garden Trade Specialist magazine about the best ways to prepare your garden for Spring.

Spring is an ideal time to start off the “gardening season”. So take the time during late winter to prepare the garden for all the new plants and flowers you will sow, by following these steps: 
1. Rid your lawn of weeds
The removal of weeds is the first essential step you need to take when preparing your… Full story

Kimberley, Matthew and Vicky at The Garden Re-Leaf Walk

Every idea has to start somewhere and in the case of the annual Garden Re-Leaf Day Walk it started at a bar where many “great” ideas begin!
The brainchild of Glee’s Event Director, Matthew Mein, the Garden Re-Leaf Day Walk has become an integral part of the Garden Re-Leaf agenda, and to-date it has seen hundreds of walkers rack up the miles in places such as London, Cambridge and Buckinghamshire.
Now in its sixth year, the event welcomes almost 100 people from across the garden retail sector as well as other Greenfingers supporters – a far cry from the 30… Full story

luxury greetings cards

Kali Stileman Publishing was established in 2002 by Kali Stileman,luxury greetings cards the owner and designer, who has previous experience in ceramics and teaching. The business focuses on design led luxury greetings cards, gift wrap and homeware for children and the young at heart, and has gone from strength to strength since its small beginnings. 

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A shed painted in the Somerset Heritage Colour Collection

Thorndown is delighted to introduce the new Somerset Heritage Colour Collection, celebrating the beautiful tones and colours of the countryside. These 18 new colours provide an additional palette to compliment the 48 colours in the Wood Paint range, and are made with the same leading eco water-based technology that makes Thorndown’s Wood Paint so high-performingly brilliant.
As the county of Somerset abounds with nature, this collection of eighteen new wood paint colours is rustling with the browns and greens of hill and field, and brimming with the deep reflective blues of… Full story

Eco Garden stand

Following a period of unprecedented growth, Primeur, the leading suppliers of environmentally friendly and innovative garden products, has continued to roll out its instore merchandising displays, revolutionising garden retailers’ sales floors in the process.
The Eco Garden range, which includes Primeur’s award winning recycled rubber stepping stones and garden borders, were originally housed on pallets and took up a large footprint instore.  Following customer feedback, the merchandising units were transformed into attractive… Full story

Dog receiving grooming treatment

When Crufts airs on our televisions this year (5th-8th March), some of the best-groomed pooches in the nation will be gracing our screens. Grooming treatment is not just for the dogs taking to the stage next month, though; it also plays an essential part in keeping them healthy overall. From clipping their nails to brushing their coats, a bit of pampering is an essential part of maintaining your dog’s overall health.

Regardless of whether your dog is best in show, or prefers to stay at home, care, attention and careful grooming treatment can prevent a range of health issues, such… Full story

New Century Glasshouses - large glasshouse

New Century Glasshouses Ltd is a family run business specialising in the supply and erection of second-hand refurbished Venlo glasshouses. The Managing Director, Ken Sharpe has over 50 years experience in the horticultural supply business and he leads a small team of dedicated staff to ensure the services provided are of the highest quality. The Company employs its own Site Team of specialised and experienced erectors, led by the Site Manager Graham Dixon, who has worked with Ken for over 30 years.

Based in Lincolnshire, the experienced and friendly staff, handle work across the UK… Full story

Streetwize Accessories garden accessories

The Ace Supply Company Ltd (trading as Streetwize Accessories), who are now in their 34th year of trading, are expanding their Gardenwize range with the introduction of decorative planters, a new solar light range and soft garden furnishings which include scatter cushions, ottomans and seat cushions.

The new decorative planter range by Gardenwize are all made from fiberstone to withstand various weather conditions and are ideal for both flowers and plants. They’ve been elegantly designed to add character and reinvigorate your garden. 

The solar light range brings your… Full story

red squirrels in the garden

The red squirrel population is rapidly declining, but if you're not ready to say goodbye to these beautiful creatures just yet, there are plenty of ways you can encourage them into your outdoor space. Here, Kathryn Eccles from pet supply specialist Millbry Hill, discusses how to attract red squirrels to your garden. 
Red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris) are hard to miss with their characteristic fiery red fur, bushy tail and large ear tufts. And, while these remain among one of our best-loved woodland animals, the reality is… Full story


With the new Confi®Berries from Lubera, the essential characteristics of jostaberries have been decisively improved, growth has been significantly reduced in two varieties, and the fertility has been considerably enhanced in all three varieties so that the new Confi®Berries now come much closer to the original vision:

• The Confi®Berries are thornless
• Two new varieties, Jodeli and Jofruity, have reduced growth and much better fertility. Although Jogusto still grows slightly stronger; the fertility is also significantly… Full story

New Horizon peat-free compost

Westland Horticulture will launch the biggest ever advertising campaign for peat-free compost this spring, investing £1.5million in a New Horizon™ TV campaign.

Westland’s New Horizon campaign, developed under the theme “Greatest Grow on Earth”, is a celebration of growing. The campaign, which is set to reach 20 million households from April this year, forms part of Westland’s commitment to lead the move towards more sustainable growing media products and promote peat-free or heavily peat-reduced products across all its communication channels in 2020.

As part of its peat… Full story

Poddy & Black garden footwear

Started by sisters Vanessa and Justine in early 2019, Poddy & Black is the modern woman’s answer to stylish garden footwear.  After years spent in the fashion industry and frustrated by the lack of choice, these 2 decided it was time to start a brand that gives confident creative women the opportunity to express themselves and have some fun  - even when its muddy or raining!
The young business currently offers 3 styles with cheeky names ( the Clever Clog, the Bossy Boot, and the iconic Half Cut) with new styles and colours… Full story

Thermacell Halo Mini turn on over garden

Are your Summer days ruined by those pesky mosquitoes and midges?  Enjoy the outdoors and your garden midge free thanks to Thermacell’s Halo Mini. 

Standing at only 16cm tall, the Halo Mini sits discreetly on your garden table, on a wall or anywhere near where you are based.  It will silently create a dome of protection measuring approximately 20m².  Anyone inside the protected area will be safe from midges and mosquitoes, even your pets are protected! 

One major benefit of the Thermacell units is that nothing is in direct contact with your skin, so no messy sprays or oily… Full story

Dog eating No-Hide® Chews - a healthy alternative to rawhide

Revolutionary dog chews launched in the UK - No-Hide® Chews are the first healthy alternative to rawhide

Earth Animal’s range of revolutionary dog chews — which are already a huge hit with US canines and their health-conscious ‘pawrents’ — are now available to our four-legged friends in the UK.
The award-winning No-Hide® Wholesome Chews are the healthy, hand-rolled, and heavenly alternative to rawhide. They’re made with just six simple, natural ingredients: brown rice flour, organic eggs, olive oil, banana, pineapple stem and agar-agar (vegetable gelatine) —… Full story

Valentine's Day dangers for cats and dogs

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time of year, when tokens of love are shared by romantic partners and friends alike. Unfortunately, in all the excitement, we can often forget how toxic human treats can be for our furry friends, and distractedly leave them within the reach of our pet’s inquisitive noses!

Dr Jessica May, lead vet at digital vet service FirstVet, sheds light on the romantic foods, flowers and trinkets that are dangerous for our pets. 

Scented candles and essential oils 

Why they are… Full story