British made, organic fertilisers for quality organic growers.

Have you been looking for organic nutrients? for growing your flowers, fruit, vegetables & house plants? Then you’ve hit the jackpot!

We are British Organic Bio. The British made nutrient line for quality organic growing.

British Organic Bio was created to provide the highest quality organic products, perfect for growing great produce. Our mission is to supply as many growers as we can with organic nutrients, furthermore, help spread the message of the importance of using natural, organic products to keep our plants and planet healthy. 

Glee Magazine - British Made, organic fertilisers for quality organic growers Everything by British Organic Bio is British Made, exclusively by us and fully organic. Even the extracts are made in-house! This means no need for importation, reducing our carbon footprint as well as cutting out any delays on transportation that would occur if our products were not bottled & branded in the UK. We are already in Garden Centres & Hydroponics/Horticulture stores but if you haven’t heard of us check out our website where you can locate our stockists.

The British Organic Bio Nutrient line is unlike anything you have ever seen. Our technical team identified a suite of key technologies that were not being utilised in modern organic farming. These technologies are fully in line with organic regulations, and we have harnessed them in our products to ensure that organic growers can achieve tastes and quality that surpass conventional inorganic inputs.

If you are not using our organic products in whatever you are growing, you are missing out. For example, as much as 40% of the worlds agricultural crops are lost to pests each year. Our Sea Silica product reduces the chance of this happening to your plants. Silicon is useful for making plants resilient to pest and disease and ours is organic! It’s actually the only silicon additive organically certified in the UK. This is a first as growers have never before been able to toughen up their plants with organic products. The Seaweed extract in Sea-Silica will also stimulate the growth of the plant and beneficial microbes.

Along with Sea-Silica, we have a whole line of organic, one-of-a-kind products, along with our Organic All-Mix substrate. A premium mixture of sustainably resourced peat, pre-fertilised & activated using certified organic materials.  

Here’s the down-low of our full organic nutrient line;

Fish Base:  A unique product that uses sustainably sourced fish biomass to create a balanced organic feed for plant growth.  It’s created using a patented process for hydrolysing the skeleton and muscle of fish caught in the Atlantic Ocean. It provides the elemental base nutrients required for strong healthy crops.

Carbon Base: Organic base fertiliser and energy source for both your plants and the beneficial microbes that are essential for a successful grow in organic soils. It perfectly complements our other base fertiliser (Fish Base)

Organic Boost:  The only fully organic triacontanol boost product!  Triacontanol is a natural extract of bees wax that has been repeatedly shown to boost photosynthesis by academic scientists and commercial growers. It is created using only materials allowed under organic certification processes and by a unique process to produce a stable product. 

Sea Silica: Organic growers can finally utilise the powers of silicon in their grow thanks to British Organic Bio’s unique breakthrough in organic nutrient technology. Sea-Silica is produced via a unique process that allows for seaweed bioactives to be co-extracted with silica content. Sea-Silica will break down into mono-silicic acid when diluted into water. This will be absorbed by plant roots and moved to all tissues of the plant to form strong cell walls. The seaweed bioactives in Sea-Silica, including alginic acid and sulphinated fucans, will further improve plant defence, by acting as elicitors of plant defence receptors. 

Organic Cal-Mag:  This product utilises a unique manufacturing process to combine organically approved ingredients into one fully soluble liquid product.  It contains dolomitic limestones (found in the Dolomite mountains of Italy) as it has the perfect ratio of calcium to magnesium. Calcium is essential for the production of strong cell walls to produce a plant that can fight off attack from pests and pathogens.

Organic Microbes:  This helps break down long nutrient molecules found in organic fertilisers by beneficial microbes feeding off the fertiliser and compounds exuded by the plant roots to feed them. This ensures a large population of beneficial microbes in the growing media. Our product actually starts off x1000 more concentrated than many competitor products.

Organic pH Down: Controlling pH in organic feeds can be tricky. Our Organic pH Down fixes this problem. Most pH Down products are based on phosphoric acid or potassium hydroxide. Ours is different. It’s based on organic acids that are allowed under organic certification schemes.

Organic All-Mix: Our Organic All-Mix has been a huge hit with organic growers, producing some amazing results alongside the nutrient range. It is a mixture of the finest types of sustainable peat and is pre-fertilised & activated using certified organic materials. Glee Magazine - British Made, organic fertilisers for quality organic growers Contains:

  • Black Peat
  • White Peat
  • White Peat Fraction 
  • Perlite

Check out some of the results our users have already had with the inclusion of British Organic Bio is their grow;

Look at the roots on that! We have had some great results from fruit & vegetable production to garden growing. The root images are from a user growing purple sun-flowers.

Looking for more information about our products? You can visit our website or follow our social media @Britishorganicbio where we post all you need to know.

We are attending Glee in June 2022 so if you’re heading down, we would love to see you on our stand to learn more about our products and everything organic!

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