garden crimes to avoid this spring

British gardeners have been warned of seven crimes they could be committing in their backyards and how to avoid them.

Outdoor experts GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk have revealed common criminal offences green-fingered Brits might be unwittingly committing and offered advice on how to steer clear of any legal hot water in the garden.

With the weather improving and spring on the way, the warning has been issued so gardeners can make the most of their backyards without any unnecessary stress.

A spokesman from GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk said: “With many gardeners ready to swing back into action now the worst of the winter weather had passed, we’re encouraging Brits to remember that the law of the land still applies on private property.

Updating your front door 

When considering your project, wood and metal paint can be just as effective as a masonry paint to create an individual and premium style.  To the front of your property a fresh coat of paint for railings, gates, fencing or a front door can immediately impart your style or improve curb appeal.


Painting your front door is an easy and enjoyable task. It is a one-day project that can make the world of different to the appearance of your home with only a little preparation. 


Sandtex Technical Consultant, Matthew Brown, gives a few insightful tips to get great results:


“When painting onto natural wood ensure surface is clean by wiping with a damp cloth soaked in methylated spirit. 

GCA Worrall Cup Winners

MEMBERS of the Garden Centre Association (GCA) are this month (January, 2019) being reminded to compete for the chance to win the Worrall Cup.

The cup will be awarded to the garden centre with the best marketing campaign or initiative during the GCA’s annual conference at Luton Hoo from January 20-23.

 Phalaenopsis with open flowers lasts longer

Many consumers think that they can enjoy a Phalaenopsis for longer if they buy one with most of the buds closed. Florists are also prone to believing this persistent misconception. Research commissioned by Orchidee Nederland shows, however, that it is much better for the quality of the Phalaenopsis to buy them at a more mature stage. 

A Golden Time To Enjoy Your Garden

“Us Brits love our gardens, and never more so than after retirement, with a whopping 70% of 64 - 74-year olds regularly enjoying gardening.[1]However, after our 75th birthday, many of us have to reduce the time we spend on our passion as it becomes more challenging and our bodies become less mobile.1”, says Sam, Independent Living Expert at Betterlife.

A winter gardening scene with a frosty leaf

There’s no doubt that winter can be a tough season for landscape gardeners. During the colder months, clients are more interested in staying inside than getting out and making the most of their outside space, which can lead to a drop in new business leads. To make things worse, gardening in winter is a much bigger job, with bad weather, freezing temperatures, and shorter days making even basic tasks much more challenging.

So, should professionals down tools until spring, or is there a way to make it work? With good planning, a few smart business strategies, and the right equipment, you can continue gardening in winter. Here, we’ve shared four ways to adapt to this difficult season.

GREEN VELVET grass seed

SBM Life Science Ltd are delighted to announce a new agreement with Barenbrug UK to market their Green Velvet grass seed brand.

The SBM sales team will now be selling and supporting the Green Velvet brand alongside its existing portfolio of brands, which include Baby Bio, Phostrogen, Toprose, Provanto, Job Done, Solabiol and Maxicrop.

Christmas vegan meal

Restaurants around the UK must begin to understand that veganism isn’t a trend, but a lifestyle choice that is here to stay. The Vegan Society found that there are around 600,000 vegans in the country, accounting for 1.16% of the entire population, and this is only set to grow rapidly in the coming years. Restaurants must prepare themselves for the influx of customers and adopt new catering methods to ensure every diet is treated equally — but how?

With Christmas fast approaching, this could be the perfect opportunity to open your doors with a new menu that is designed with vegans in mind. Not only will this help you create a relationship with a growing group of people, but it will also allow you to become more inclusive and ultimately become a first-choice for dining out with friends and family, especially around the festive season.

NOMA Garden Art Solar Bulb

Following its unveiling at GLEE, the new 2019 NOMA Garden Lighting range is now available to order from LeisureGrow Products.

Along with great quality product, the range also comes with new freestanding merchandising stands to allow products to be displayed inside or outside of their packaging. The team has also developed bolder, simpler messaging to make it easier for consumers to shop and to understand the technology that makes NOMA Garden Lighting products a cut above the rest.

New For 2019

New Collections from NOMA Garden Lighting for 2019 include: an expanded Functional Lighting range; the nautical inspired Coastal Living; a Global Trend that uses gunmetal, copper, and wire; the Contemporary Living Collection which includes the best-seller Edison-style bulb lights; a Classic Collection; plus novelty and decorative lights.

The mobile garden trend is set to continue

THE TREND for mobile gardens is set to continue says Wyevale Nurseries (October, 2018) as figures reveal home ownership among 25-34-year-olds is decreasing with more young people renting instead.  

The English Housing Survey Headline Report 2016-17 found that 46% of 25-34-year-olds now live in private rentals, compared with 27% in 2006-07.

Christmas department at Haskins Garden Centre

The garden centre group, Haskins, is celebrating after a successful launch of its Christmas department across all four of its centres.

Customers can browse a variety of gifts, with plenty suitable for green-fingered adults, as well as plenty to choose from for beginner gardeners. There’s also a wide range of decorations available.

Real pot-grown trees will be available at Haskins from Monday October 29 and real cut trees will be available from Monday November 19. For customers that prefer artificial trees, these are also available.

Glasglo display with CRT screen

Garden Trade Specialist editor Victoria Galligan spoke to Jim McNulty, Development Director at Restructa Ltd, whose brands include GlasGlo – a recycling firm whose aggregates are made from glass TV screens…

Where did the idea come from to use TV screens as aggregate?

Since the company was formed back in 2006 we’ve always strived to have solutions and recycling applications for our Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) glass.

Christmas Tree choosing

For hundreds of growers across the country, Christmas is more than just a day in the calendar – it’s a year-round job which culminates in December and begins again in January.  Harry Brightwell of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA) and Mark Spurway of Feddal talk to editor Victoria Galligan about life as a Christmas tree grower…

The BCTGA was formed in 1980 to improve the quality of Christmas trees sold in the UK, encouraging the sale of good-quality, live Christmas trees and offering a bar against which all 7million tree sold by its members per year should measure up to.

Kew Collection

Terrace & Garden, a supplier of stylish, high-quality, affordable pottery and gifts for the home and garden since 1989, announces the launch of a new addition to its established and very popular collection of pots and planters made under license for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


Terrace & Garden’s newest collection of frost -proof, antique-finish terracotta planters can be seen for the first time on stand E72 in Hall 8 at GLEE in Birmingham’s NEC, from 10-12 September, and stand 3P12 at Autumn Fair, the season’s  premier wholesale gift and home trade event, from 2-5 September, also at the NEC.


The new terracotta range will be available to order at the shows for delivery early Spring 2019. Designed to offer high quality at affordable prices, both the new and established ranges are aimed at garden centres and independent stores throughout the UK.