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Garland / Worth Gardening will be making a major statement with the launch of over 70 new products on its Stand Hall 18H10-K11 at Glee in 2017.  It brings the number of new product introductions by the company to over 250 in the past three years.  The latest items serve both the garden and DIY markets, and includegrow pot towers, hanging basket liners and a lawn rake, as well as paint brushes and pest control products.


New products to be launched at Glee 2017 show include:

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Sunsation sunflower

No plant says speaks ‘happiness' quite like the sunflower; its bright yellow petals and creeping stem have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, so you might think that you know all there is to know about the nation’s favourite sunny bloom, but you haven’t been introduced to the unique qualities of Sunsation.

Sunsation sunflower from HollandUnlike any of other sunflower, Sunsation has… Full story

Firemizer, tips for a greener summer, environmentally-friendly

Now the sun is shining and summer is well and truly on its way, many of us will be dusting off our garden furniture and barbeques ready for an outdoor gathering with friends and family.

For those looking to throw a party on the patio or a shindig under the sun, Firemizer has shortlisted five green tips for a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle this summer …

Five green tips for the summer

1. Extend Your Summer Evenings

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Beautiful garden - lawnmower cutting grass

The garden is an extension to the home, and with summer officially underway, it is the perfect time to care for it like any other room. Gardening might not be everyone’s favourite past-time, but a perfect patch could add a pretty penny to the price of a property. 

Experts state that a cared for garden can increase the value of the property, and with space being of a premium, investing time outdoors can see homeowners cashing in.

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Edwin Meijer Garden Connect asks do you like your own coffee?

Do you like your own coffee? Do you go to the same bathroom as your customers? And where do you park your car? Three questions that might seem strange, but to get online attention, there is nothing quite as powerful as a weird pick-up line. However, there is a kernel of truth: good coffee, a clean toilet and the parking area say a lot about your garden centre. Edwin Meijer of Garden Connect explains how this works.

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Amazon Bookstore in US, example of Amazonification

I was invited to participate in an expert group discussing the future of garden retail in the Netherlands and Belgium. Among the speakers was a very famous expert and he dropped the word Amazonification. I always like these words since you can explain them exactly the way it fits you. But as a garden centre, you already know how Amazon is having an impact on your day to day life. With a 16% market share in the UK, 1 out of 6 online purchases are made via Amazon.

4 reasons to brace for Amazonification of retail:

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Cat and owner with matching purple manicures

We are all aware of how much of a weird and wonderful place the internet is, but the always trending pet pictures tag has really outdone itself this time. The latest twitter trend is people and their pets getting matching manicures using non toxic nail stickers and polish.


It's beyond us how somebody could make their cat or dog sit down for long enough to paint the nails of all four of their paws, never mind extra drying time, but is a trend we are thoroughly behind. Especially since most of the pets featured in the trend don't have some basic 5 minute quick lick of paint… Full story