How can garden centres successfully cater to last-minute gift buyers

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Buying a gift can be a challenge, with many tending to procrastinate until the last minute. A good example of this was Christmas, with nearly one in five adults in the UK reported to have planned to do part of their shopping on Christmas Eve, according to a survey from The Green Insurer.

An area retailers should aim to capitalise on. Garden centres in particular who could take advantage of this unique opportunity with a strategy to provide last-minute gift buyers, with everything they require for their shopping experience. 

Why people do last-minute shopping?


What should a UK Garden Centre Sell

UK Garden Centre plants

Gardening is a popular pastime in the UK, with millions of people spending time and money on their gardens each year. As a result,  garden centres have become a staple in many communities, offering a wide range of products and services to help people create and maintain their outdoor spaces. But with so many options available, what should a UK garden centre actually sell?

In this article, we will explore the essential products and services that every garden centre in the UK should offer.

Landscaping Tools

One of the most important products that a garden centre should offer…

CJS Display Ltd has a rich history in the horticultural industry with roots tracing back over 30 years.

cjs retail display

Originally, Paul Jackson ran the family factory, C Jackson & Sons that specialized in producing timber displays for garden centres and suppliers to garden centres.  Also they worked with Mike Hills for many years, providing full garden centre refurbishments.  Unfortunately, due to the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic in 2020, the difficult decision had to be made to close the factory.

Undeterred by the circumstances, Paul started CJS Display with his wife, Kirstie (account manager) and we partnered up with another local family run manufacturer with similar values and…

Start-up Stock: What Your Garden Centre Should Sell

Woman and child - what your garden centre should sell

When we think of garden centre stock, it is easy to think about the plants and gardening supplies that they sell. The horticulture business is larger than the UK aerospace sector, with it being worth £24 billion. This makes it a great investment for anyone looking to get into business with an interest in greenery. 

But as with any business, you will want versatility. Garden centres aren’t simply a place for people to find inspiration for their own natural spaces. Instead, they can offer a wide range of products and produce. 

Here, we will explore what stock you should…

Did you know that playing music can help plants grow?

Did you know that playing music can help plants grow?

This revelation is thanks to agro-sonic researcher Dan Carlson Senior, inventor of ‘Sonic Bloom’ technology[1].  He exposed plants to soundwaves at varying frequencies (the science being that sonic stimulation aids the absorption of nutrients) and the results came up roses!

Music mimics the natural vibrations of the wild. Flora relies on these vibrations to source water[2]. So, indoor plants, while protected from the elements, innately respond well to a tranquil tune. Outside, music attracts pollinators like bees to garden flowers.

Plants are just like us! Their music taste…

Why the Range of Cards You Stock is More Important Than Ever

Pexels Alleksana

Sending greeting cards is an integral part of British culture – with the United Kingdom purchasing more cards than any other country. Whether this is for the birth of a new family member or a loved one moving job, cards let your family know you are thinking of them and wishing them luck along the way.

So, it is no wonder our customers are finding new ways to send their favourite cards to their nearest and dearest. 

Here we will explore some non-traditional occasions for which people send cards and why you should stock up with cards from a reliable greeting card manufacturer…

Spring Greenhouse refresh

A Hartley Botanic Victorian Terrace Glasshouse incorporating an alfresco dining area,  a wood burning stove and fragrant rambling rose. RHS Chelsea Flower Show, 2019 

Hartley Botanic reveals the best ways to upgrade and refresh your Greenhouse space this spring.


Luxury Glasshouse and Greenhouse manufacturer Hartley Botanic is the authority on the world’s most desirable Glasshouses. When it comes to craftsmanship and structural integrity, a Hartley Botanic Glasshouse is the ‘finest money can buy,’ and that’s not to mention the beauty and elegance of its incomparable range of structures. With customers around the world, and leading horticulture organisations, institutions and designers choosing a Hartley Botanic, they are also an…

Lawn Association - Defra is letting down the country

Lawn Association - rolled up turf

Perhaps Defra has shares in the oil industry? That at least would help to explain its complete failure to address the plastic grass debate by providing honest information and education to the public.

Here’s the problem.

Due to inaction by Defra and other governing bodies (not to mention MPs), our outdoor spaces are being increasingly carpeted in plastic. That’s right – carpeted gardens; try explaining that to the wildlife losing its habitat and food. And not only is it the kind of non-recyclable and oil-based product we need so badly to reduce – it also strips away…

How to Keep Your Garden Centre Thriving

Garden Centre

The nation’s love for plants has grown, flourished, and blossomed. Gardening became an all-important national pastime during the pandemic and, for many, that healthy habit has continued. 

Did you know that approximately 83% of houses in the UK have a garden, with the average adult spending £690 on their garden in 2021? 

However, the coming months could pose problems for keen gardeners as winter takes hold. Here, we will explore factors that could impact your business, as well as ways of maintaining a competitive edge in the market throughout winter. 

Heading into…

Stand-Out Plants for 2023

Stand-Out Plants for 2023

Retail Concepts & Solutions - After 4 busy weeks of visitors from across the horticultural industry, the Ball Summer Showcase came to a close on 5th August 2022.

Despite almost 5 weeks without rain and the amongst the highest temperatures recorded in the UK, the summer plants trials and displays proved a resounding success and a valuable visit to all those who visited. The challenging weather conditions certainly demonstrated how plant genetics have improved dramatically over the past years with so many plant varieties showing amazing resilience to the most unforgiving heat and…

Garden expert reveals how to transform your garden on a budget

Garden on a budget

How to create a luxury outdoor space in light of the cost of living crisis…

Petrol prices are soaring, the average weekly food shop has risen by up to 50%[1], and inflation has hit a forty-year high. The cost of living crisis that we are currently experiencing is forcing the nation to take account of what means the most to them, and prioritise their spending – meaning that updating your home or garden may be at the bottom of your to-do list. But, with summer in full bloom, and more people spending time at home rather than spending money on days out or in restaurants, maintaining…

Six handy gardening tips for beginners

St Modwen Homes Chichester Garden - gardening tips for beginners

Green fingers at the ready – get your garden sorted for the heatwave!

Having a beautiful garden can really complete the look and feel of any home. But taming hedges and tending to flower beds can often seem like quite a daunting task. That’s why St. Modwen Homes is here with some expert tips and suggestions to help you get started. Plus, with heatwaves in full swing and the summer months upon us, what better time to get your garden in tip top shape?

To help offer you the best advice, the national housebuilder spoke with Leon, an expert gardener from landscaping partners,…

Gardens remain a top priority for consumers finds study

Lady Gardening

Draper Tools has polled the nation on the best and worst trends for UK gardens in 2022 and taken a look at consumer priorities and spending habits when it comes to the garden. 

According to the research, Brits are encouraging wildlife in their gardens with bird feeders and baths, hedgehog homes and bumblebee nest boxes. However, garden gnomes and artificial grass have had their day. 

The study of 2,000 adults with an outdoor space found more than one in ten describe their entire garden as “intentionally wild” in style to encourage biodiversity. Fruit trees, composting areas…

Here's how to maintain a luscious lawn all summer long

maintain a luscious lawn all summer

There are different types of jobs we should be keeping up with throughout the year, but some of the jobs we should make sure we are always doing our best to keep up with are regular feeding, moss-killing and weeding. Cold weather and life can get in the way, making it difficult for us to keep on top of everything - so lawn experts at The Grass People share the key jobs to focus on this summer. 


Summer (hopefully) means less rain and more sun, this means we need to take the time to make sure our lawns are plenty hydrated. It’s a good idea to water grass once a week…

Late summer greenhouse growing with Hartley Botanic

A Hartley Botanic Bespoke Glasshouse, Hampshire, UK

Key greenhouse growing jobs and insight for August & September.

The summer is a time when the English garden comes alive, and it is the perfect time to enjoy all your hard work from the vantage point of your beautiful Greenhouse. But for Greenhouse growers, peak to late summer presents its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. Whether that’s managing the heat or propagating for next year. Here, heritage Greenhouse and Glasshouse manufacturer Hartley Botanic provides expert advice on some essential Greenhouse focuses for the late summer season, as well as how to use…

Top Tips for Maintaining your Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Endless get-togethers can really put the heat on your wallet, especially if you take on the role of the host with the most. Like many Brits, if you’ll be using your outdoor space as an entertainment hub this summer, there are so many ways you can update it without the mayhem or expense of a complete redesign. To help you save both time and money, here is a handy guide to extending the life of your garden furniture with minimal cost and maximum impact:   

1.         The Big Clean

After the cooler months, it’s essential to give your outdoor furniture a deep clean to get rid…