Growth in poison-free and non-lethal pest control sales

Over the past two years, there’s been a well-recognised increase in consumer activity online, with a large proportion of DIY pest control sales growth coming from web customers. STV has discovered that over half of all DIY pest control sales begin with an online search. This is a trend they are determined to develop on behalf of all their customers – not just those with sophisticated e-commerce solutions.

IPhone in Hand Pest Selecterx Jane LawlerTheir most recent and exciting development is the new ‘Top100’ fully interactive merchandising solution. Not only does the merchandising clearly segment the products to make selection simpler, it also has an interactive NFC code built in to the POS. This means consumers can quickly and easily access a new online product selector direct from their smartphone. It promises to provide quick and easy access, guaranteeing no more than three clicks for the customer to reach their ideal pest control solution.

Product selected using the online tool can be shopped direct from the fixture, or ordered online for collection in store or home delivery. Participating retailers retain a generous margin on all sales, regardless of the delivery method chosen by the customer. The new website presents a huge opportunity for retail partners to benefit from a dedicated e-commerce solution with local exclusivity – driving footfall and providing exemplary customer service through additional home delivery or click & collect options.

The Big Cheese 3m Bay Display - Growth in poison free and non lethal pest control salesSTV is confident that this major new investment – more than £0.5million in 2021/22 - will not only help consumers overcome their lack of confidence in choosing the right product, but it will also support their retail partners to maximise the sales potential from this rapidly growing category. There’s clearly a need for better information that is easy to access and understand. That’s one of the main drivers for a series of informative and engaging video ‘shorts’ featuring a wide range of the Top100 lines. Each video features a user explaining their experience of the product and how they achieved the best results. They’re all accessible on the new website and they can also be reached directly from the product packaging at the point of sale. All the featured products have a unique QR code on the pack which links to the relevant video and then into the website where consumers will find lots more useful information, including the ‘select-a-pest’ tool which means consumers are never more than 3 clicks away from finding their ideal pest control solution.

STV is now seeking traditional retail partners to join them to ensure that consumers can easily access the product they identify online – and keep them shopping with their trusted, local retailer.

Managing Director, Edwin Allingham says “I would love to hear from any retailer who would like to know more about this exciting new way to retail DIY Pest Control and to benefit directly from the latest shopping trends.”

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