LOFA is proud to announce its partnership with Perennial, a charity working to support and promote the health of those who work in horticulture. As part of this partnership, LOFA has pledged to donate £20,000 to help Perennial in their efforts. 

LOFA is supporting Perennial to promote positive health and wellbeing through sponsoring an Interactive Health Kiosk that provides a unique opportunity for individuals to take a quick, private and confidential snapshot of their physical and mental health. The kiosk carries out a Health MOT which includes WellLofa Logobeing Age™, Weight, BMI, Body Fat Content, Blood Pressure and heart rate which was identified as a critical issue from Perennial’s research. Taking a Health MOT can take from as little as 8 minutes enabling people to self-test key indicators of their general health and wellbeing and walk away with a personal confidential printout of their results with a comparison to medical accepted standards. The Interactive Health Kiosk is effective as an early warning system for potential health problems such as high blood pressure. These checks will be provided in a LOFA sponsored health kiosk, which will be located at industry events up and down the country starting with the Landscape Show in 28/29 September 2022, Hall 3, NEC, Birmingham. These free health checks will help contribute towards helping those who work in our industry stay healthy and safe. We are excited to be working with Perennial on this important initiative and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on those who work in horticulture. 

Founded in 1839, Perennial is the UK’s only charity dedicated to helping everyone who works in horticulture, including gardeners, groundskeepers, nursery and garden Perennial Logocentre staff, landscapers, and arborists. Over the years, Perennial has helped countless people through difficult times, providing free and confidential information and advice on a wide range of issues. Today, Perennial is more important than ever, as the economic downturn has put immense financial pressure on those working in horticulture. In addition, social pressures can be equally challenging, as horticulture professionals are often low-paid and have to contend with physically demanding work. As a result, Perennial provides a much-needed lifeline for many people working in horticulture. Every year, the charity helps over 1,600 people, and it will continue to support the horticulture community for many years to come.

LOFA are excited to be partnering with Perennial on this important campaign, it is just one of the ways that LOFA shows its commitment to helping those who work within the industry as a whole. 

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