The future of plant nutrition is here and now; BIOFERTILISERS a new generation

Biofertiliser what is it? Over many years the team at PlantWorks Ltd have educated UK gardeners to the value of mycorrhizal fungi in the form of rootgrowTM, more recently we have introduced beneficial soil bacteria into our ranges, these microbes are adopted from our extensive research into increasing nutrient use efficiency in plants for farming and in food production. More frequently growers are referring to these products as BIOFERTILISERS which defines a new method to deliver plant nutrition.

Rootgrow & Biofertilisers Lifesylte PlantworksBiofertiliser is used to define a product that: Contains living micro-organisms which, when applied to seeds, plant surfaces, or soil, colonise the rhizosphere to improve nutrient use efficiency (NUE), plant health, establishment, and growth.

Nutrient use efficiency – what is it?

NUE refers to the plants ability to uptake and utilise nutrients which is highly important for crop production and decreasing input costs.

Culturally, gardeners are moving away from traditional chemical feeds and seeking out alternatives for effective plant nutrition. – The empathy range is the solution.

What differentiates biofertilisers

The natural ingredients within BIOFERTILISER have been carefully selected and blended to give plants the nutrients they need while encouraging and supporting the development of the mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial soil bacteria. Seaweed extracts supply plant growth hormones to stimulate top growth and root development. Alfalfa provides a natural source of plant derived nitrogen for healthy foliage. Sulphate of potash, a naturally occurring mineral form of potassium, encourages strong budding and flowering. These products are organic, free from peat and animal derivatives and the microbes inside BIOFERTILISERS will improve compost performance making this perfect for use with peat free compost.

The Ultimate Biofertiliser

rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi

The ultimate BIOFERTILISER rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi can be used all year round, one application per plant is all that is needed and the clever fungi will provide a lifetime of benefits to plants, shrubs, trees and even vegetables. The completely natural formula is one of the most cost effective plant support products available thanks to its ability to increase nutrient and water uptake by forming a highly efficient secondary root system.