Why Lithium-ion could be the right choice for your business

The technology that powers our smartphones is also driving electric vehicles, including materials handling equipment.  Terry Andrews, National Sales Manager at Grant Handling takes a look at Lithium-ion battery powered forklifts to discover why more businesses are making the switch to the Heli Lithium Lite range.

When you rely on your electric forklift for loading, unloading and transporting goods over short distances, in warehouses or yards, you need maximum availability, reliability and convenience.    

Builder Merchant Image of Fork Lift Truck, why Lithium-ion could be right for youOver recent years, the cleaner, greener and quieter electric-powered forklift has increased in popularity across a wide range of industry sectors.  In the main, these electric forklifts have been powered by lead-acid batteries. 

Today, advances in battery and charger technology have seen Lithium-ion batteries transform the electric forklift market, and take up is growing fast. 

Lower cost and better for the environment

Several factors are driving the Lithium-ion revolution.  When it comes to energy efficiency, Lithium-ion batteries offer excellent performance. Where lead acid burns 45-50% of its energy in heat, Lithium-ion only loses 10-15%.  It also has a longer life span, with over 75% capacity reserved after 4000 charge-discharge cycles, which helps keep running costs down. Lower noise pollution and zero emissions make it a better solution for the environment, too.

Add to this less time spent changing batteries, faster charging times and lower maintenance, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are switching to Lithium-ion.

Flexible Charging

Convenience and flexibility are built in, as Lithium-ion batteries can be opportunity charged or recharged as necessary – a 15 minute top up when staff are on a tea break or a quick 30 minutes during lunch.   The Heli Lithium Lite range uses a conventional 3 pin socket to charge, so wall plugs can be placed at convenient spots around the business, ideal to get a short boost in whenever required. Opportune charging will not damage the Lithium-ion battery or shorten its lifespan. Add to this the batteries are completely maintenance free.


Lithium-ion batteries are completely sealed, so there is no risk of acid spills or corrosion.  There’s also virtually no chance of overcharging and overheating thanks to the intelligent Battery Management System that tracks cell temperatures, ensuring they remain in safe operating range to minimise risk to operators, staff and customers.

The right choice for your business

For low intensity operations, the compact Heli 4-wheel Lithium-Ion Counterbalance Forklift is an ideal allrounder, setting the new benchmark for quality and value. Available in 1.5-1.8T capacities, with three configurations to match your application, the Heli Lithium Lite range offers a performance comparable to internal combustion trucks, with zero emissions.

Easy to drive, comfortable and manoeuvrable, the Heli Lithium Lite works effortlessly in tight spaces. Precise handling and intelligent steering with multiple speed modes ensures you get the job done efficiently.  Onboard operator protection systems on the hydraulics and drive ensure safer operation.

Ultra-low torque steering gear and lighter steering operation reduce driver fatigue, while the truck’s optimised mast and pressed overhead guard offer improved visibility and safety for confident handling.  Tough and durable, the integrated cast drive axle and reinforced cast steering axle is built to last.

Equipped with side shift as standard for faster and more accurate lifting and placement, with the versatile Heli Lithium Lite any attachment can be fitted to suit your needs.

The convenient anytime, any socket built-in charger ensures you keep running all day.  And with easy access for maintenance, the electrics are concentrated on the top of the lithium battery with centralised maintenance points for simple inspection and maintenance.

The right availability

Lithium-Lite on Sustaianable backgroundWith the geopolitical factors that are currently affecting the global supply chain, at Grant Handling we have invested in stock of the Heli Lithium Lite range to help combat these challenges for our customers, offering immediate shipment for both new equipment and spare parts.  That means your next forklift is always readily available, right when you need it.

The right support

We know that a forklift breakdown can cause immense stress for your business, and that’s why you need an expert forklift service and maintenance team by your side.  At Grant Handling, all your materials handling service requirements are taken care of with one call. With a network of local engineers that come to you wherever you are to get your operation running again as quickly as possible.  A full range of flexible forklift services packages is available, tailored to your specific business needs, for total peace of mind.

For more on what the Heli Lithium Lite forklift range could do for your business, contact us