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Exercise to Grow your Garden

Green fingered Brits are being encouraged to make the most of their time spent outside this spring, as experts have revealed which gardening tasks can burn the most calories.

The team behind online garden retailer have compiled a guide to the best jobs to complete in order to benefit both homeowners’ health and their gardens.

Gardeners could burn up to 93 calories for just 15 minutes of activity by undertaking simple lawn maintenance tasks.

Raking leaves is also a great way to tone your arms, and will burn around 60 calories per 15 minutes.

A spokesperson from  commented: “Gardening is a brilliant form of exercise for those wanting a low intensity workout.

William Morris planter collection

William Morris collection is right on trend as Victorian fashion extends from homes and takes root in the nation’s gardens

The launch of the William Morris collection by Woodlodge, the UK’s leading supplier of garden pots, has introduced Victorian chic and timeless style to a new range of planters, on sale at garden centres across the UK.

Introducing the William Morris collection – timeless style

Inspired by British textile designer William Morris (1834-1896), containers in the collection feature his iconic artwork – from Kelmscott swans, often found on tiles adorning Victorian fireplaces, to Willow Bough floral designs. They are as sought-after on wallpapers and curtains in modern times as they were on textiles in their Victorian heyday.

New purple plants for 2019

ONE OF the UK’s leading commercial nurseries has officially unveiled several new plants for 2019.

Wyevale Nurseries, which is a family owned wholesale grower in Hereford, has officially launched Ficinia ‘Ice Crystal’, Euonymus ‘White Spire’, Anisodontea ‘Elegans Princess’ and Raspberry ‘Yummy’.

Colin Stanley, Retail Sales Manager at Wyevale Nurseries, said: “We had a great reception about our new plants for 2019 from attendees at the Garden Press Event in February in London. It was great to listen to people talking about them and wanting to find out more.

Ficinia ‘Ice Crystal’ is an unusual grass variety and has distinctive ‘frosted’ foliage giving the illusion of a crisp winters morning all year round. Plant in full sun and watch it flourish. The ultimate patio pot grass, sure to stand out in any garden or plant in clusters for maximum impact. It comes in a 2 litre pot and is available from August.

Honda’s clever lawnmower that does it all for you

The summer heat and lack of rain has left many lawns in poor condition with exposed and loose roots that are susceptible to damage by inappropriate mowing.   Honda’s robotic lawn mower, Miimo, will help them recover naturally and give gardeners the added bonus of free time to relax or get on with other gardening jobs.

The three Miimo machines in the range are designed to maintain lawns, ranging in size up to an acre, in optimum condition and offer a choice of cuttings heights from 20 to 60 mm.  Changing the height of cut is essential to help damaged lawns recover quickly - in dry weather they should be at the higher end of the spectrum and lower as growth increases with rain.

The finely micro-shredded cuttings remain on the grass, acting as a mulch and providing the grass with essential nutrients and retaining moisture – two key factors in securing recovery of the grass. Meaning it’s good for the grass and there are no cuttings to be disposed of either.

GIMA AGM & Day Conference: Dobbies, Disruption & Megatrends

The forthcoming GIMA AGM and Day Conference is set to focus on three main themes – Dobbies, Disruption and Megatrends, together offering an insightful view into the current garden retail landscape.

Providing a full day’s schedule of thought leadership, the Day Conference will be a must-attend for anyone wanting to stay ahead in this competitive marketplace. 

Headlining the Conference will be Marcus Eyles, the Horticultural Director at Dobbies Garden Centres. With 38 stores across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, Dobbies remains one the leading garden centre chains, and during his presentation Marcus will be taking delegates on a journey as he outlines what Dobbies will be doing to develop the market going forward. Martin’s session will also highlight how Dobbies work collaboratively with suppliers to create opportunities in the marketplace.

Lavender plants in basket

British households have been urged to replace potentially harmful artificial air fresheners with fragrant flowers such as lavender or mint.

The garden whizzes at  have conducted research and found five of the best smelling house plants to use as natural scent alternatives.

While the level of chemicals used in air freshening products are regulated, a recent study found households using them contained higher levels of potentially harmful toxins.

Households exposed to air fresheners could suffer from a range of adverse health effects such as migraines, asthma attacks and earache.

These potentially harmful effects could be even more of a concern for families with young children.

But thanks to mother nature households can maintain a naturally fresh smell by replacing the artificial fresheners with fragrant foliage.

Aloe Vera - Tough Plant

Killing these house plants would be almost impossible as recent research has revealed the toughest shrubs busy Brits should have in their homes.

Researchers from online garden centre have identified six low-maintenance house plants that can still thrive even when neglected.

While many green-fingered Brits enjoy the look and health benefits of household plants finding the time to properly look after them can be a struggle.

From the cast iron plant to a barrel cactus, there are a number of low maintenance shrubs that can be used to make households greener without the need for constant care.

A spokesperson from said: “Many house plants require a lot of attention in order to survive. It can be easy to forget to water them or make sure they have enough sunlight every day, as busy work schedules and family life can often get in the way.

Garden Re-Leaf Day – where does the money go? 

In July 2011, Hillview Garden Store CEO and industry stalwart, Boyd Douglas-Davies announced the inaugural Garden Re-Leaf Day at the Garden Retail Awards in London.  Now in its eighth year, Garden Re-Leaf Day is the biggest charity fundraiser in the garden industry’s calendar and has raised over £600,000, including over £70,000 in 2018 alone.

Positioned as the garden industry’s answer to Comic Relief and Sports Relief, the aim of Garden Re-Leaf Day was to celebrate the start of the garden year with fundraising events to raise money for Greenfingers, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children in hospices through the creation of magical gardens.

For the garden industry, the day creates valuable team building opportunities and brings more shoppers into garden centres earlier to extend the peak spring season. Garden centre managers, staff and other industry professionals tirelessly set up fun and exciting ways to not only raise money for Greenfingers, but also to promote gardening as an enjoyable pastime.

Woodlodge helps retailers to inspire a new generation of gardeners with ‘virtual sales assistants’

Retailers have a handy new tool to help drive demand for container gardening with the introduction of ‘virtual sales assistants’ – expertly crafted POS that provides shoppers with the confidence to make informed purchases.

Woodlodge’s inspirational and colourful POS boards will guide novice gardeners who aspire to grow flowers and edibles in containers, but lack the crucial gardening know-how needed to turn their ambitions into reality.

The consumer engagement boards, available now to place in-store, are packed with easy-to-follow, jargon-free advice, giving shoppers the confidence to make purchases and replicate ideas at home. Boards focus on easy-to-achieve gardening activities such as growing an acer in a container, cultivating bamboo in pots, planting bulbs in layers, growing roses in containers and creating a water garden in a barrel.

Feed birds using kitchen scraps

British households are being encouraged to feed birds using kitchen leftovers to combat declining wildlife numbers.

Outdoor experts at  have produced a simple guide detailing which foods are suitable for wild birds.

Feeding local wildlife in your backyard aids nature conservation and gardens are now considered an important element for a nationwide conservation effort.

Frequently thrown away egg shells, beef fat trimmings and stale hard cheeses are some of the scraps that are incredibly beneficial for wildlife due to high nutritional value.

A spokesman from  explained “The number of wild birds is decreasing within the UK at a worrying pace. However, homeowners can do their part by simply understanding which foods are safe for wildlife.