Power Up Your Business With Osprey’s Rapid EV Charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as more people become environmentally conscious and seek to reduce their carbon footprint. As a result, the demand for electric vehicle charging stations has also increased. Retail businesses have a unique opportunity to meet this growing demand by adding rapid EV charge points to their stores.

 Rapid EV charging stations can offer several benefits to retail businesses, including increased foot traffic and customer loyalty. With more people driving electric cars, providing charging attracts new customers who need to charge their vehicles and prefer to do so while shopping, while also adding an essential service to existing customers.

Rapid Electric vehicle charging stations Greer FyfeIn addition, installing rapid EV charge points can also help retailers build a loyal customer base. Many EV owners prefer to visit businesses that offer charging facilities. By providing convenient and accessible charging options that are part of an all-round great experience, retailers can differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract loyal customers who appreciate the added value of being able to charge their vehicles while shopping.

One company that has recognised the value of rapid EV charging for retail businesses is British Garden Centres. The UK’s largest family-owned garden centre group have announced plans to install rapid EV charge points across its retail stores, in partnership with Osprey Charging, a leading operator of EV charging infrastructure.

The partnership will see British Garden Centres install rapid EV charging stations at an initial 12 of its retail locations across the UK. The charge points will be available to the public and will offer ultra-fast charging speeds, allowing EV owners to charge their vehicles in as little as 30 minutes.

British Garden Centre's decision highlights the growing importance of EV charging infrastructure in the retail industry. As more and more business, fleet and individual drivers switch to electric vehicles, retailers that offer charging facilities will have a competitive advantage over those that do not.

For landlords and property owners, installing rapid EV charging stations brings further benefits. By enhancing properties with charging infrastructure, landlords can increase the value of their assets, improve customer experience, and attract new customers who value the convenience of charging their vehicles on site.

Osprey Charging, the company partnering with BGC to install and operate rapid EV charging stations, offers a range of solutions for landlords and property owners who want to offer charging at their properties. From grid applications and design to installation and ongoing maintenance, Osprey Charging can help retail businesses navigate the complex process of adding EV charging facilities.

Furthermore, installing EV chargers can enhance brand image, demonstrating an organisation's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting green energy solutions. By partnering with Osprey Charging, you can ensure that your EV charging facilities are reliable, efficient, and user-friendly, giving you peace of mind that you are providing a high-quality, leading service to your customers.

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As the popularity of electric cars continues to grow, and the ban on petrol and diesel vehicles approaches, the demand for EV charging infrastructure will only increase. Retailers and property owners who invest in charging facilities now will be well-positioned to meet this growing demand and take advantage of the many benefits that come with offering rapid EV charging at their locations.