Klondyke rolls out Leon Boots’ Garden Ankle Boots to full store portfolio

Leon Boots Co. - the masters of ultra-light, super-warm wellies - is proud to announce that its fabulous Garden Ankle Boots can now be found in all 22 Klondyke stores nationwide, from Howdens Garden Centre in Inverness to Byrkley Park in Burton-upon-Trent and Holland Arms, Anglesey.

Through optimising Leon Boots’ offering ahead of the key spring sales season, Klondyke is now in prime position to meet customer demand, as increasing numbers of consumers wake up to the fact that wellington boots don’t have to be cold and uncomfortable. Thanks to Leon Boots they can actually serve as great everyday footwear for those who want to get their daily steps in without getting their feet wet.

Lifestyle  Leon Boots Ankle Boot Dog WalksLeon Boots’ Director, Kevin Burgess, said: “We are delighted that our Ankle Boots have now completed their roll-out to Klondyke stores, where they are available in all six colours. This is the result of a conversation which began at Glee last year and Klondyke has since brought forward delivery to meet incredibly strong demand for the Ankle Boots, which are one of our most popular designs”.

Klondyke is also taking advantage of the great new point of sale Leon Boots has created for the Ankle Boots collection. Available in six core colours making an eye-catching display -, navy blue, yellow, red, fuchsia, black and traditional green, although this is the least popular colour after data collected from 2022 overall sales of over 75,000 pairs.

The NEW point of sale shows customers just how useful these boots will be, far beyond the garden, maybe even up a mountain if your customers are determined hikers. These are perfect for promoting the range in store and letting your customers know all the major benefits about the wellington boots that are made for walking!

The comfortable and cosy waterproof boots are perfect for helping walkers stay dry throughout the seasons, whether they’re running after dogs through muddy fields, getting their allotments ready for spring or want to keep dry on their way to the train station. Injection moulded for strength and durability, all Leon Boots include a removal sock liner that can withstand temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees.

Be different this year and go for colour, comfort & away from the norm that will enhance extra sales and margin for your business.

To find out more about the Leon Boot Co. please visit www.lbcboots.com or email kevin@leonbootsco.com or charlie@leonbootsco.com