At White Stores, we understand how important it is to feel at home in your garden during those short and sweet summer months. But choosing the right garden furniture can be a tricky business, so we have come up the perfect “how to” guide for choosing the perfect patio furniture. 

Know your furniture

There are several different types of garden furniture to choose from including (but not limited to):

• Rattan

• Pine

• Teak

• Cast Aluminium

• Iron

• Oak

• Fabric

We suggest familiarising yourself with all available options before making a decision and especially knowing the difference between a good version of these materials or a cheap version which may not last as long. 

Know your garden’s purposeGarden Furniture

What do you use your garden for? Is it primarily a relaxing space or an entertaining environment? Will you be sunning yourself or hosting a barbecue? Knowing what you want to use your garden space for will determine the amount of people using your space and therefore you can fill that area accordingly. For example, if you enjoy al fresco dinner parties you will need a dining table but if your garden is only for you and a good book then a relaxing sofa will be a perfect match. 

Know your budget

Garden furniture comes in all shapes and sizes which also means a range of different prices. Go into your decision-making process with a budget in mind or costs could stack up very quickly.

Take a test drive

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive so why buy garden furniture without testing the comfort and style. As well as browsing online, visiting a garden furniture showroom is theperfect opportunity for you to test before you buy and be sure you have found the right set for you. 

Know your garden

Get to know your garden. How big is it? How big is the area where you will put your furniture? And what style is going to suit your garden – modern, traditional? Spend time in your garden working things out and make sure you take a tape measure to a showroom or check recommended footprints online!

Where will you store your furniture?garden furniture white

Speaking of space, although most garden furniture can be left outside all summer long, during the winter months you may need to store your set away to prevent weather damage. Before you buy why not investigate whether there is a winter cover available or be sure you have enough room in your shed or garage to store your furniture away. 

Check for quality

Think about what you’re getting and remember you will get what you pay for! Always check for a long-lasting warranty on your garden furniture as a sure sign of quality and well-made products. Cheaper products may be a one-year solution but replacing garden furniture every year can be even more costly. Remember if you are using your furniture a lot it will be a worthwhile investment – refer back to your garden’s purpose! 

Still not sure?

If you’re still unsure what you need it’s a good idea to go for furniture items which serve a dual purpose. For example, a footstool that can double up as an extra seat or a bench that can stand alone or be pushed up to a dining table for meal times. 

We hope our guide helps you to choose your perfect furniture set up that brightens up your garden for years to come. 


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