Retail Lab @ Glee - Preferred Supplier Partners: Elho

One of the most innovative features at the annual Glee exhibition, the Retail Lab @ Glee – new for 2017 - has secured backing from a wide range of leading suppliers, who have come on board as ‘Preferred Supplier Partner’ and ‘Selected Supplier Partner’ of the Retail Lab’s four trend-lead areas.  Here, ‘Preferred Supplier Partner’ Elho’s Sales Manager UK & Ireland, David Nicholson tells us more about Elho’s plans for the Retail Lab @ Glee.


Can you tell us more about what products you will displaying?

We’ll be displaying a selection of Elho’s new and best-selling pots. What we’ve found is that colour is one of the main things that attracts garden centre customers when they’re exploring the aisles. We’ll be showcasing how retailers can utilise colour to best effect - even if people end up buying more muted tones of pots. 


Why did you choose to become a preferred supplier of the Retail Lab @ Glee 2017?David Nicholson

The decision to become a preferred supplier of the Retail Lab was actually very easy. At Elho we’re all about bringing nature into people’s everyday lives. The four global trends the Retail Lab has identified of Community, Family, ‘Re-wilding’ and ‘Well-being’ resonate with our own vision and how we’re working both with the trade and also communicating with consumers. 


What changing trends are you witnessing, and how are they affecting your business? What future trend excites you the most?

As urbanisation takes over and our access to nature becomes more restricted, we’ve really noticed a trend towards turning any outdoor space into a garden. Balconies, terraces, vertical spaces are becoming green with easy to fit balcony pots and vertical gardens and drainpipe clickers.


What’s also exciting is to see the growth in house plants and pots used as interior accessories. While this has been a trend in Europe for a while, the UK has lagged behind. But we’re catching up fast and every garden centre we speak to is increasing their range of interior pots. We invest a lot in understanding colour trends researching everything from fashion to technology. This enables Elho to bring out ranges that are bang on trend every year. We’ll be showing these new colours at Glee. 


We’re also seeing a resurgence in grow-your-own. It’s felt that the movement that began stalled slightly in the last few years. It’s now picked up apace. And this grow-your-own isn’t just for people with allotments or larger gardens. Balcony allotments and window sill growing is an exciting trend which is why we’re bringing out a grow house for balcony pots. Our Grow Table continues to do extremely well as it provides space for growing is small gardens, patios and terraces - and people love how it combines design with function. 



What value do you think the Retail Lab will offer retailers/buyers?

Garden trade shows are not just about seeing new products, it’s about inspiring visitors to change how they do business. To excite them and to reinvigorate their innovation. That’s that the Retail Lab will be. Giving people access to innovative new ideas. Bringing trends to live in the retail environment. Inspiring people to do things different and better. Creating a community in the sector. We’re really excited to be part of Retail Lab at this year’s Glee.



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