February  Be 'Lawn Ready' For Spring

Providing tips for a healthy lawn


We know it feels like it is a long way off, but the days do seem to be getting a little longer now and spring will be here before you know it!  At this time of year lawns and soils are cold and sometimes wet, and the weather does not encourage gardening!  

However, some pests are still active, busily chomping away at your roots.  The changeable weather climate can create unexpected problems, so some diligence and a few hours hard work now, can make all the difference for your lawn in the year ahead.....

Get a mowing routine started, make sure to mow at a high height of cut, lowering gradually as you mow more frequently into the latter part of the season. And remember to keep your blade sharpened, you can never do a good job without well maintained tools! 

This is a great time too for a spot of aeration and scarification, hollow-tine aerate your lawn when conditions allow and before the onset of dry weather. Prune your grasses and control thatch and moss.  If scarifying, apply a good balanced feed afterwards, this will allow new grasses to flourish once all the moss and debris has gone.  And always apply a moss killer AFTER scarification.  This way the moss killer Lawn Readywill hit the moss plants at its base, creating a much better control.

You should also be able to start or continue minor repairs to lawn edges and if the temperature starts to rise begin to sow seed, if needed, to make the most of early spring sunshine!!

And remember .....all this work before spring will mean that your lawn will give you a big thank you gift of an abundance of beautiful, happy and healthy grass, to help you celebrate the new brighter months!

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