Reach new heights in your garden

There is no time like the present to reach new heights in the garden and cut back overgrown tree branches with the help of Fiskars’ brand new PowerGear™ X Telescopic Tree Pruner!


First-class in its field, this versatile addition to the Fiskars PowerGear™ X family is a must-have gardening tool, carefully designed for ultimate convenience and performance. Thanks to its extendable shaft, which reaches up to an impressive six metres compared to the standard 3.5 metres, this pioneering tree pruner enables gardeners to easily trim overhead branches. It reaches even the tallest of trees without the need of a ladder!  With an adjustable cutting angle up to 230° - no branch is left untouched.


James Wong, botanist and broadcaster, comments: “Tree trimming and pruning can be one of PowerGear™ X Telescopicgardening’s most challenging tasks, especially when you have to reach up high or get down low. The ingenious multi-use PowerGear™ X Telescopic Tree Pruner gives all gardeners the power to perform wonders and tackle tall trees with ease!”


Every aspect of design, performance and usability has been considered. Thanks to the PowerGear™ mechanism, creating 3x the power in each and every cut, the Telescopic Tree Pruner significantly reduces the physical effort needed to prune – making it an essential tool for every garden shed! Its cutting head has been specifically designed for strength and easy maintenance, and its durable soft-grip handle and non-slip base ensures convenient cutting for every task!


James Karanicolas, from Fiskars, said: “The innovative cutting tool is a true evolution of engineering and ergonomics at Fiskars. Why not welcome a little late summer or autumn sunshine in your garden by snipping back even the tallest of branches! With the help our state-of-the art PowerGear™ X Telescopic Tree Pruners, you will be able to snip back and relax, in record time!”


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