Closed - Win a Tabletop Football Game from Haskins Garden Centre

Garden Trade Specialist has teamed up with Haskins Garden Centre to offer this Wooden Tabletop Football Game (£24.99) – perfect for bringing children together, getting them away from digital toys and back to basics! It’s also the ideal game to bring adults together, inspire a bit of fun and games and light-hearted competitive spirit.


Garden Buildings Centre on expanding their brand of contemporary sheds

Garden Trade Specialist magazine talks to Matt Jordan, digital product manager at GBC Buildings For Leisure LLP – a leading retailer of sheds, greenhouses and leisure buildings – on its contemporary designs and how the brand is being driven forward through display centre expansion and marketing at public events...

Tell us a little about about GBC...

Spring Flowers 2018

Spring flowers are more than just some pretty blooms, they lift the heart and soul and are the promise of a lovely lazy summer, long warm days just around the corner and a lifting of the dreary winter gloom. All it takes are a few sunny yellow crocus in a pot or a whole host of daffodils underneath your shrubs and trees.