CJS Display Ltd has a rich history in the horticultural industry with roots tracing back over 30 years.

Originally, Paul Jackson ran the family factory, C Jackson & Sons that specialized in producing timber displays for garden centres and suppliers to garden centres.  Also they worked with Mike Hills for many years, providing full garden centre refurbishments.  Unfortunately, due to the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic in 2020, the difficult decision had to be made to close the factory.

Undeterred by the circumstances, Paul started CJS Display with his wife,double a frame christmas display Kirstie (account manager) and we partnered up with another local family run manufacturer with similar values and established our current business. Since then, we have been dedicated to providing high quality timber products and services to our valued customers which includes large garden centre groups to small independents.  We take pride in our extensive experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing quality visual merchandising products, which include plant display tables, a variety of display crates/boxes

We also offer a service were we can design bespoke range of products for customers – these range to a specific size crate to hold wool, a larger crate for Christmas display, display plinths as well as plant display tables to hold a customers irrigation system or another that wanted a higher lip on the table as their centres are based in more exposed areas and the increased lip offers better protection for their products.  There is no charge for this service.  If you have something in mind, contact us – if you are able to send a drawing, photo or measurements of the product you have in mind then we will start designing and send a copy of the drawing to you.  From there, if you are happy we can provide a quote – while this personal service may sound expensive its not, the quotes for our products is competitive (or so our customers tell retail displayus)

Your garden centre may already have our products in your store, as we design and manufacture Point of Sale/FSDU for many horticultural and aggregate suppliers into garden centres (we were very proud to have 9 customers using our display products at Glee this year) including Creekwood, Ivyline, Altico, Ames

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Images courtesy of CJS Display