There’s nothing more pleasant than spending those precious moments outdoors in your very own outdoor space. But if you really would like to make the most of these days, you’ll need some quality garden furniture.

Housing Units, Manchester’s largest home furnishings store, have provided the ultimate buyers guide to help you choose the best furniture for your space.

What to ask yourself before you buy:

  1. Garden FurnitureWhat are you using the furniture for? Are you using it to relax after a tough week, or just for entertaining during the summer? Consider just how you want to use this garden furniture, how often and your ideal price range.
  2. How much space have you got? Are you working with a simple patio space, larger yard space or a full garden? Make sure you have enough space to accommodate your furniture vision of your garden. It’s probably best to get out the measuring tape and know what you’re working with – after all, no one wants to buy more furniture than fits into the space available in your garden!
  3. Storage? Although summer lasts until September, there may come a time when you might have to put your garden furniture away, depending on what you’ve bought.

Now that you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to consider material. Garden furniture is available in a range of materials. While picking what is most aesthetically pleasing might seem a priority, there are practical elements that need to be considered. Do you want the material to withstand the unpredictable English weather? Or are you prioritising material that is more versatile and sustainable?

This year has already seen a surge in water-resistant fabrics for garden sofas. The latest materials are now using innovative methods such as quick dry foam and hi-tech fabric protectors. Using these waterproof and high-resistant materials can help withstand wear and tear and those accidental spills that might occur.

Here are some of the most popular choices of furniture materials:

Rattan- Though it is technically a natural plant product, these days most people when referring to rattan are thinking about the resin weaved option, due to its longevity and low maintenance. Rattan is incredibly easy to clean, and often available in a range of colours. You can find rattan furniture to suit most outdoor spaces. To maintain rattan furniture, it should ideally be covered and kept away during summer months.

Metal- If you’re looking for a more sustainable, resistant material, then consider metal. Metal is extremely light, yet extremely hard-wearing. If you take proper care of metal furniture, you can get years of use out of it. To prevent any rusting, it might be worth putting on a coat of powder coated paint for extra protection against the unpredictable elements.

Plastic- If you’re on a budget, plastic can be the perfect option! As well as being budget friendly, it is also space friendly, for those who don’t have much outdoor space. Think stackable chairs and foldable tables. They’re usually available in a range of colours and sized, which will add some style to your space without breaking the bank!

Also, plastic is incredibly low maintenance and easy to clean. Most are waterproof and incredibly portable.

Consider Accessories

Garden accessories can really help bring your outdoor space together. Think of them as final touches. they can complete your desired garden look, helping you to really make the most out of your space.

Clocks- Can be a magnificent statement piece throughout any garden. As well as being a great functional feature to a garden or patio, there are a range of rustic, traditional or more modern designs out there to suit your needs.

Lighting- Illuminate your outdoor space with some great lighting! There are a range of great lighting fixtures, from traditional lanterns to more contemporary outdoor table lamps.

Water Features- There is nothing more calming than the gentle sounds of water. This is why water fixtures are an increasingly popular option in the world of garden accessories. Natural features such as rocks and waterfall choices are quite common, but feel free to mix it up and have a more striking look with an LED fixture- it’s sure to impress your guests!