Feeling thirsty in the heat?

We’re sure your plants are too: 

The garden can often be neglected during the summer months with one in five forgetful adults admitting their neglectful watering has led to their plants dying.

Any grassed lawn or plants will be affected by the summer heat if not looked after properly, but following some simple rules and tips will help any budding gardener to ensure that their garden is well looked after over the summer period, even if they are away on holiday.

Irrigate in a way that saves water

A vital lawn care task is ensuring a good, regular watering system is incorporated, depending on the temperature and humidity. An irrigation control will allow you to sit back and enjoy summer whilst your garden is well looked after. One should water their plants as much as necessary, and as little as possible to save water and benefit the environment. 

An irrigation system will cater to a wide variety of gardens – from potted plants and vegetables on the terrace to more expansive flower beds and hedges. The ability of the Gardena Micro-Drip-System to water one’s garden fully automatically, frees garden lovers up to spend more time enjoying their holiday, rather than worrying about watering. The Micro-Drip-System can also be supplemented with a Gardena Water Computer or smart Water Control, which is directly connected to the tap to ensure that one’s plants are perfectly irrigated automatically. Gardeners can also connect a soil moisture to a water control unit on their irrigation system. The major advantage of this is that if the soil is sufficiently moist, the programmed watering stops. This saves valuable water, as the garden is only watered when necessary. Gardena have also recently introduced the smart system, which is the only solution on the market that combines watering and lawn care within one platform. This gives garden lovers complete control of their garden, from anywhere and at any time, via a mobile app. 

Water plants early in the morning to avoid evaporation loss during the dayClever watering apps

During the summer months it is vital to ensure that your lawn and plants are well watered. Garden experts recommend that the best time to water your garden in the summer months is early in the morning. When you water cooled soil in the evening or night, less water evaporates than as on hot soil during the day. Watering early ensures the plants can sufficiently supply themselves with water before the next day’s heat.

Watering tools can come in many forms, with an option for all keen gardeners, whether they prefer to water by hand, partially or fully automatically. All budding gardeners know that if you have several different plants with varying watering requirements, a multi purpose sprayer is the best option for your garden. Gardena’s new Premium Multi Sprayer offers various forms of water jets and thanks to the infinitely adjustable water flow rate, the green-fingered gardener can choose a flow rate to ensure the best results over the summer months. 

Watch your garden for an ‘indicator’ – the first plant to wilt as the garden becomes dry 

You’ll know when to water, when your garden becomes dry. Watch out in particular for plants when their leaves start to droop. Plants with big leaves make the best indicators to when you need to water, as they lose lots of moisture fast. Watering daily is advisable for newly laid lawns to encourage seed germination and for a good, solid root system to form.

Although many keen gardeners find it difficult to water expansive beds or lawns, it can be easily taken care of with sprinklers such as the Gardena Aquazoom. These will be effective in ensuring that both smaller and bigger areas are taken care of and can be paired with water computers in order to function automatically. Sprinklers are extremely beneficial for ensuring that one’s lawn is completely watered. 

By following these tasks, a well-watered lawn and healthy plants can be achieved throughout the gardening Water you gardenseason. 

Hose Pipe Ban?

Make sure your garden stays green, even with less water available.

Whilst there is no current hose pipe ban in place for 2017, many water companies have advised for families to use water more wisely.

With this year seeing record-breaking temperatures, the threat of a ban is certainly significant, and it will be important to have the correct, water-saving controls in place in order to make sure your garden stays beautiful and green, even with less water.

Gardena’s Micro-Drip- System is the perfect solution for water conservation as it can save up to 70% of water due to adjustable drip heads and drip watering. In addition to this, with the Micro-Drip-System drip irrigation, the water quantity per plant can be exactly dosed,so that no water is wasted