DJ Turfcare launches new Autumn Lawn Treatment

DJ Turfcare – UK supplier of the organic-based Viano ranges – has confirmed that it is bringing to market a new Autumn Lawn Treatment to help drive sales during this pivotal time for lawns pre-winter.
The new Autumn Lawn Feed from DJ Turfcare, available in 10kg bags (treats an area up to 200m2), is a unique organic-based fertiliser which has been created for use during August to November to destroy moss whilst also stimulating strong roots and providing grass with 100 days of food to encourage a greener, thicker, stronger and disease-resistant sward throughout winter and long into spring. Simply put, Autumn Lawn Feed is the first defence against the ravages of winter and is designed to prepare the lawn for the spring.
Like its popular Recovery product, DJ Turfcare’s new Autumn Lawn Feed will benefit from the inclusion of Humifirst. This unique ingredient creates biological activity and acts as a plant growth stimulant making it perfect to use as an autumn lawn feed.  Autumn Lawn Treatment is safe to use around pets and children.
To celebrate the launch of Autumn Lawn Feed, DJ Turfcare is offering retailers a special introductory rate which sees profit on investment exceed 50% and has also extended payment terms until the end of November. Stock is available for delivery from mid-August.
 DJ Turfcare's new Autumn Lawn Treatment
The company is also making it easier for garden centre customers to add existing Viano products to their order to ensure they are armed with everything they need to help consumers make the most of their lawns this autumn, something that is particularly important following recent months as DJ Turfcare’s David Jenkins explains. He said: “Autumn is traditionally a time for re-sowing lawns or improving grass quality, however this year it will be more imperative than ever before. The nationwide lockdown meant that many lawns would not have had their normal spring feed as consumers were unable to get into garden centres to purchase the necessary fertilisers and feeds. If this wasn’t enough, our lawns have also suffered winter floods followed by the sunniest spring since records began and have been subject to more wear and tear than usual as our gardens became the backdrop to our everyday lives during lockdown. It would not be amiss to presume the nation’s lawns deserve some much-needed TLC this autumn, and we believe our new Autumn Lawn Feed offers the complete package for optimum lawn health.”
DJ Turfcare’s wider organic-based product offering includes the bestselling RHS-endorsed MO Bacter range, which includes MO Bacter Instant, Recovery and Bio-Lime. All products are supported by quick delivery within five days.
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