The EcoGro Family welcomes their newest members

EcoGro are delighted to announce their new additions to their highly popular family of eco-friendly, sustainable and natural plant foods: EcoGro Lawn Power, and the EcoGro one litre range. 

EcoGro Lawn Power is an exciting and innovative natural plant food designed to help your lawn flourish. This new product contains added nutrients and works with the soil microbes to aid root development. It also acts as a moss suppressant, helping avoid these dense mats which outcompete with grass for all vital water and nutrients. By activating microbes, it will also breakdown any dead matter and thatching. It also helps your grass grow greener, so your neighbours will be green with envy! 

EcoGro Lawn PowerIn addition to EcoGro Lawn Power, also released are one litre bottles of EcoGro Booster, EcoGro Bloomer and EcoGro Ericaceous. These handy bottles are perfect for budding allotmenteers, balcony gardeners and those with smaller gardens looking to reduce their waste. The containers are all made with recycled plastic and can be recycled again. 

These new products join the existing EcoGro Family: EcoGro Booster, for seedlings, fruits and vegetables; EcoGro Bloomer for flowering plants; and EcoGro Ericaceous for acid loving plants. 

EcoGro founders, Chris Harrison, Kevin Beaty and Mark Gourlay, are farmers who know how to work with the soil and protect pollinators. The EcoGro Family work naturally to ensure the long term health of both plants and the soil. The absence of chemicals helps to reduce soil acidification, increase soil microbe activity, and reduce EcoGro Full Product Rangewater loss in the soil structure. 

The plant foods are made using by-products from anaerobic digesters which create renewable energy on EcoGro’s farms. The by-product is concentrated to create a nutrient rich plant food which is free from artificial chemicals. 

EcoGro co-founder Kevin Beaty comments, We’re delighted to be extending our EcoGro Family for 2022. We’ve spent 2020 and 2021 testing and trialling our new products and learning from our customers about what they want from their gardens. We are a team of farmers who love nature, and we know the importance of natural products for the long term health of your soil and plants. With these new products, we maintain our commitment to not using chemicals, staying pollinator friendly and most importantly, protecting the environment. 

Eco Grow Product Range