Outdoor trading? Gazebos have got it covered…

Trading outdoors is a great way to be involved in local events and sell produce, or just to raise the profile of your business. Maybe you're planning some onsite outdoor events and need some extra covered space. There’s no doubt that a good-quality gazebo will become your best friend on days like these. Stephen Evans, managing director at Market Gazebo World, tells us about his range and how they deliver – come rain or shine…

What material are the gazebos made of and what makes them waterproof?

The frames of the gazebos are available in aluminium and powder coated steel. The aluminium is lighter and will never rust, so if you’re using your gazebo frequently or the gazebo needs to be carried to a venue, then it is worth investing in an aluminium frame. The steel frame is stronger but heavier and of course slightly cheaper. The walls and roof are made from 420D Oxford Fabric. This is a strong polyester waterproof fabric with good UV stability, so your chosen colour will stay bright in strong sunlight. Market Gazebo World sells the covers and frames separately so if either is accidentally damaged there is no need to buy the whole gazebo again.

What ranges of sizes and colours do they come in?

Market Gazebo World offer high-quality customised gazebos which come in a range of colours and sizes meaning they can be perfectly designed to suit every customer. The sizes start from 2m x 2m and go up to 3m x 6m – ideal for anyone who is planning for an event. Customers can choose between having a full side wall or half side wall when customising their gazebo and they are available in a range of colours such as black, blue, green, white and red. 

What is the price range of the gazebos? Market Gazebo World

The prices are affordable, yet don’t compromise on quality. The prices start from £101.99 for the smallest sized gazebo, ranging up to £297.49 for the most expensive gazebo. 

Why should customers choose Market Gazebo World over other brands?

Market Gazebo World offer high-quality gazebos at the best price, meaning customers are able to invest in a durable gazebo which can be used at a variety of different events throughout the year, ranging from outdoor leisure, garden parties, events and markets. The gazebos also offer the opportunity for customisation so that customers can personally design one to suit their event, and if for a business, also consider their branding for a professional outlook and to stand out from competitors, which is a key selling point.

 Could the retailer leave the gazebo up all-year-round or are they more for occasional use? 

Although our gazebos are built with strength and durability in mind, it is not advised to leave your gazebo up all year round. Extreme wind and weather conditions may damage the gazebo; therefore, it is not recommended to be used in this type of climate. The gazebos have an innovative folding mechanism which make them easy to erect and store away, so they don’t need to be left outside when it is that simple.  

Where do you stock the gazebos? 

All the gazebos from Market Gazebo World are stocked online due to them being custom made – this enables us to offer a personalised service for our customers. Our gazebos are there to target the wider consumer market for a range of situations such as outdoor leisure and corporate events, to garden parties and markets. By selling online, this allows us to reach our customers more effectively and deliver customised, high-quality gazebos to a wider audience.  

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