Call the professionals – 67% of homeowners unaware of gardening regulations

Two-thirds of British homeowners are not aware of the outdoor tasks that must be reported to a local authority to ensure gardening regulations are met.

Even though 61% of those surveyed would “always give something a go” or “love DIY and want to learn how to do everything themselves”, 41% of homeowners admit to not being confident at landscape gardening, including knowing which gardening regulations to follow. 

In the new survey by Plastic Sheets Shop, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of bespoke plastic sheeting for home and garden projects, almost a third (32%) said they would always leave landscape gardening to a professional, rising to 40% amongst those aged 55 and over. 

Additionally, Google searches for ‘landscaping companies near me’ and ‘garden landscaping near me’ have increased by 250% and 60% respectively in the past 12 months, showing the surge in demand for these services.  

Jonathan Opdam, who found homeowners are unaware of gardening regulations

Don't fall foul of gardening regulations

What’s more, just 17% of homeowners are confident building an outbuilding, such as a home office, workshop, summerhouse, log cabin, shed, or greenhouse, giving yet more reason to call in the professionals and check they don't fall foul of gardening regulations. 

“Our survey results show that 60% of homeowners have been encouraged to refresh their gardens as a result of lockdown and that 40% have been attempting more DIY and landscaping projects themselves during this time,” began Jonathan Opdam, Managing Director of Plastic Sheets Shop. “But despite this, most homeowners are unaware of gardening tasks that need to be reported to local authorities, such as installing a machine-operated garden watering system, giving even more reason to seek the assistance of a professional landscape gardener.” 

Of those surveyed, 31% seek the help of trade professionals because they lack confidence in their ability to complete a task, while an additional 37% say they would rather have the job done properly than attempt it themselves. More than 1 in 10 (13%) regret attempting landscape gardening tasks themselves instead of hiring a professional. 

A man with shears, depicting that homeowners are unaware of gardening regulations

“Our research shows the growing need for, and value of, landscape gardening services to UK homeowners, and through our online store, which provides plastic sheeting for everything from greenhouses to transparent roofs and fencing, it’s our pleasure being able to support the professionals doing such great work in this trade. Hopefully, our research provides some positive news and useful insight for landscape gardeners across the country,” concluded Jonathan. 

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