‘Shrinkflation’ still a problem says Johnsons Lawn Seed

Leading UK lawn seed supplier Johnsons Lawn Seed is continuing to campaign for quality within the consumer market and looking to address the persistent problem of ‘shrinkflation’, i.e. packets being filled with less seed, or bulked out with cheaper, substandard seed. It’s a problem that continues to negatively impact the supply chain, says Consumer Manager Guy Jenkins.

Many manufacturers and suppliers have been reducing the overall content of their products on retailers’ shelves. Weights are being reduced but the prices do not fall in line, whilst packaging continues to increase in size to give the illusion of a getting a bargain or added value.

Meanwhile, substandard lawn seed has been finding its way into the supply chain. Ryegrass that is only suitable for agricultural use can be cheaper, and is designed to be fast growing, producing high yields for forage. However, this attitude to mixing seeds does not meet domestic gardeners’ needs, and merely serves to reduce the value of the market. Consumers that use substandard mixes are much less likely to try again thanks to the results of these mixes - thinner, patchier and generally unattractive looking lawns.

We all like to feel as though we are getting more for our money, but consumers will feel short-changed when their box contains less product than first thought and their lawn does not meet expectations due to the low-grade lawn seed blends that many suppliers are presently bringing to market. We encourage retailers to work closely with their supply chain to ensure that both quality and quantity expectations are maintained, as well as educate the consumer on the correct lawn seed to use. If in doubt, our website offers a comprehensive breakdown of which seed to use for different conditions.

johnsons lawn seedAll of Johnsons Lawn Seed products have been developed as part of an extensive R&D and breeding programme. Working with our parent company, DLF Seeds Ltd, we can develop the correct balance and blends of the highest quality lawn seed. Our Green Lawn Technology features tetraploid ryegrass, whereas our previous formula only featured a diploid variety. Tetraploid ryegrasses have three times as much energy as ordinary seeds and are quicker to establish, deep-rooting and more tolerant to stress compared to diploids due to the increased number of chromosomes per cell in the grass plant. As a result, retailers can be assured that every single seed that fills its boxes has been carefully researched, evolved and selected by a dedicated team of experts.

The Johnsons Lawn Seed range has been packaged so that each box services the increasing scale of the average lawn size, ranging from 10m2 to 200m2.

Their range includes:    

After Moss Coated in calcium carbonate which raises the pH of the soil, this fast-establishing dwarf perennial ryegrass mix, with Green Lawn Technology seeds, is deep rooting and dense and will help the growth of healthy grass over these patches to avoid them being taken over by moss again.   

Quick Lawn Utilises a special seed dressing called ‘Gromax’ to encourage quicker and more hardwearing lawns. Quick Lawn is the best all-round mixture using only top varieties and combines a superb fine leaved appearance with excellent wear tolerance. Applied to grass seed, Gromax attracts beneficial bacteria in the soil to the grassroots to further enhance establishment. The treatment is child and pet friendly. 

Tuffgrass Provides good green cover and weed control whilst withstanding substantial wear and tear.  

Lawn Thickener with Seedbooster® Guarantees 30% more grass than uncoated grass seed and faster germination thanks to Seedbooster® pre-applied slow and fast release nitrogen coatings. Each seed is wrapped in its own parcel of fast and slow release fertiliser, meaning the seed germinates sooner and establishes faster. The coating also acts as a harmless deterrent to birds.

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