Preparing your garden for Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is fast approaching and whilst it can be one of the most fun nights of the year it can
also be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are plenty of flammable items found
in your garden that you may not have even considered. So, here are some top tips to prepare your
garden for a fun and safe fireworks night with all your friends and family.

Suitable Space

If you’re planning on hosting your own fireworks party, then the first thing to do is ensure you have
enough space in your garden. Read instructions carefully, and ensure you leave enough metres
between the firework and yourself/any guests. A display firework requires at least 25 metres, but
many garden fireworks only require 5 or 8 metres depending on their category classification. If you
have a lot of guests coming and space is limited perhaps watch from an upstairs window instead of
outside in the garden.

Clear the Garden

To clear your garden properly you should ensure that all your Quality Garden Furniture, play
equipment or other flammable items are stored away, preferably kept indoors or out of the garden
whilst the display takes place.
Clear Kindling
With winter really kicking in most trees will have shed their leaves and that means a great pile of dry
leaves that could act as kindling for sparks and flames, ensure your garden is cleared of natural
debris before lighting any fireworks.

Light the Way

You’ll need a clear path to your fireworks so that you can light them and then vacate the area quickly
and safely. Make sure the pathway is cleared of any debris and then keep a light shining on the
garden, or place temporary lights around the area to guide you back to your safe zone.

Setting up a Bonfire

If you’re having a bonfire as well as, or instead of, setting off fireworks you will need a safe space to
do this. We recommend digging a pit a few inches deep and a few feet wider than you intend your
fire to be. Then, place heavy items such as rocks or bricks around the pit so that the fire cannot
spread. Ensure that this pit is far away from fences, sheds, buildings and trees.

Lighting a Bonfire

Do not use any household equipment or flammable liquids on your fire. Burning plastics create a
smoky stink when burnt so only use dry wood, dead branches or newspapers. Always ensure you
have a hose or bucket of water nearby just in case.

Following these tips will ensure your garden is safe for hosting your own fireworks party but we also
recommend keeping your furniture, play equipment and other items indoors, as well as clearing any
kindling, if you know that any of your neighbours intend on hosting their own fireworks party to
protect your garden from any flying sparks.

We wish you a fun and safe bonfire night!