Red flowers at Haskins Bulb Festival

With its popular Bulb Festival now in full swing, Haskins wants to encourage gardeners to celebrate and showcase the fanfare of colours which can be achieved through bulb planting.

Haskins’ Bulb Festival continues across all four garden centres until Sunday November 17. There are more than 250 bulb varieties on sale, with a focus on British-grown bulbs. Of all the varieties on sale, 24 are UK-grown and include a selection of rare and unusual bulbs.

Alasdair Urquhart, Haskins’ in-house plant expert, commented: “Our Bulb Festival aims to highlight how easy it is to create a gorgeous garden through planting bulbs. We’d like to remind our customers that September is the perfect time to be planting bulbs for a vibrant colour display in spring. Planning for spring colour isn’t something that should be left until the last minute; if you’re able to plan ahead and plant now, you’ll reap the rewards next year.”