GIMA AGM & Day Conference: Dobbies, Disruption & Megatrends

The forthcoming GIMA AGM and Day Conference is set to focus on three main themes – Dobbies, Disruption and Megatrends, together offering an insightful view into the current garden retail landscape.

Providing a full day’s schedule of thought leadership, the Day Conference will be a must-attend for anyone wanting to stay ahead in this competitive marketplace. 

Headlining the Conference will be Marcus Eyles, the Horticultural Director at Dobbies Garden Centres. With 38 stores across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, Dobbies remains one the leading garden centre chains, and during his presentation Marcus will be taking delegates on a journey as he outlines what Dobbies will be doing to develop the market going forward. Martin’s session will also highlight how Dobbies work collaboratively with suppliers to create opportunities in the marketplace.

Welcome to spring summer 2019 at Dobbies

After a long winter, the warmer months are a time to embrace the great outdoors. The Dobbies Outdoor Living team has created a stand-out Spring Summer collection to do just that, offering something to suit every taste, style and space – no matter how big or small.


With beautiful sunshine and high temperatures all over the UK, it’s no wonder that gardeners are making the most of spending time outside this summer. The dry weather does bring with it some cause for concerns, including news of a temporary hosepipe ban coming into effect in the North-West of England and one already in place in Northern Ireland.

As temperatures rise, the absence of rain means parched plants, browning lawns and a struggle for Britain’s wildlife to find food, shade and water to drink. Reservoir levels across England are being reported as lower than expected and water bodies including United Utilities and Scottish Water are cautioning residents to use water wisely.