Royal Hedge Grows in Stature!

Royal Hedge is part of the Dongen based nursery Boomkwekerij E. de Jong in Holland.  For the past 22 years this nursery has grown young trees, 3x transplanted trees, pleached trees, big solitaire, multistemmed trees and also trees and hedging material in containers.


'Royal Hedge' for Screening
In summer 2015, they launched a range of grasses which can be used to create a 'Royal Hedge'. This was a new profile for the 'Royal Hedge' concept and is used mainly for screening. The 'Royal Hedge' is produced in bags from 50cm long. This is very easy to plant and makes a very beautiful colourful hedge for garden privacy.


Taxus and Prunu lusitanica
Landscapers can create a gap in any existing hedge and plant this Royal hedge to replace the old material.  In a Royal Hedgeshort time they will have a complete new hedge with lots of flowers. Taxus and Prunu lusitanica are currently very popular varieties with the plant sector.  
E de Jong  also produce Fagus and Carpinus as a Royal Hedge. So if you want a new hedge, they have them as a complete hedge. The big advantage is that this hedge is already growing so this alleviates the problem that one or two plants may die.


Ideal for Terrace or Balcony
You can also use this Royal Hedge on your balcony. Place the beautiful flowering Royal Hedge in a planter and you have a wonderful decoration on your balcony or terrace.

You can see the full range of plant material from this leading nursery at the annual IPM Essen show in January 2018.