Get your garden ready for spring with outdoor lighting

There’s nothing like some outdoor lighting to add a little “je ne sais quoi” to your garden. It’s the perfect way to create atmosphere, highlight your favourite parts of the garden and provide illumination for warmer evenings spent outside. With the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to look at your garden and think where and how some lights could make it come to life.>

There are various different types of outdoor lighting available - in this post we’ll go through them and look at the different types and how you can use them.

Outdoor lightingSpike lights

Spike lights - as the name suggests - are on spikes that are stuck into the ground. This makes them perfect for putting around the edges of the lawn or in flower beds. Light up a hidden corner of the garden or use them to highlight your favourite plant or tree.

Outdoor lamps

Outdoor lamps make the perfect addition to your patio or decking area. They are a really nice, simple way to revamp your outdoor space and make it a great place to entertain - or enjoy yourself! Place a couple around your patio furniture along with some potted plants, sit back, and relax.

Solar lights

For many, solar lights are the obvious choice for the garden. They don’t require a mains electricity source and come on automatically at night as the sun goes down. There are various different types available, from simple solar table lamps to little solar lights you can nestle among the shrubbery for a magical effect.

Outdoor lighting lampsDecking lights

Decking lights take your decking to the next level, creating a gorgeous, chic effect to your garden. Neatly installed into the ground, they light up your deck so you can enjoy it late into the evening. Decking lights are usually powered by LED, saving on energy usage and bills as well!

Wall lights

Wall lights attached to the exterior of your home are the practical way to bring a bright source of light to your garden so you can enjoy your outdoor space in the evening, connecting up to the mains. But practicality doesn’t mean boring design in this case, as there are lots of beautiful wall lights out there. Invest in a good wall light and it will last you for years, bringing light to your garden all year round.

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