First commercially available ocean plastic outdoor furniture!

It’s a well-known fact that much of this plastic waste ends up in our oceans, about eight million tonnes in fact – that’s enough to circle the earth 425 times. Each year this ‘ocean plastic’ is killing in excess of 100,000 marine creatures, and by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish calling the ocean its home2. However, there is help at hand. Initiatives such as the Ocean Recovery Project are helping to raise awareness and encourage UK consumers to take responsibility for local ocean clean-up operations. But what happens to the ocean plastic that is recovered? In the case of the DuraOcean chair from LifestyleGarden®, it becomes a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture – the first of its kind in the UK.
Representative of a significant period of research and development, the DuraOcean chair showcases true product innovation. Made from recycled fishing nets, ropes and plastic waste, the DuraOcean is setting the benchmark for sustainable material usage and design within the garden and outdoor leisure sector. No other supplier has brought to market such a commercially viable ‘ocean plastic’ product, nor have they made it so easy for eco-conscious consumers to bring such products into their homes and gardens.
Paul Cohen, Sales Director at LifestyleGarden®, said:  DuraOcean chair by LifestyleGarden

“The DuraOcean chair has been created to tackle a global issue – ocean plastic. As a company that is led by our motto ‘Doing Business the Right Way’, we feel we have a responsibility in ensuring our impact upon the world is as positive as it can be. Joining in the fight to eradicate plastic from our oceans - an issue that has been declared a worldwide crisis - feels like a natural and obvious choice. We hope that by bringing the DuraOcean to UK consumers, that we can play our part in raising awareness of this issue, whilst also helping people to look at the impact they have upon the world. We do also recognise the positive commercial impact that the DuraOcean can offer retailers. As consumers look for new designs, driven by a need for green credentials, the DuraOcean will certainly hit the mark. The product has a thought-provoking backstory, a unique design, an attractive price point, and is created to last season after season, but even then, it doesn’t stop – all DuraOcean chairs can be fully recycled at the end of their lifecycle once again minimising waste and its impact upon the world. We strongly believe that the DuraOcean chair will drive sales throughout the 2020 season and beyond.”
The DuraOcean however is just the start of LifestyleGarden®’s long-term goal regarding its material usage. From 2020 the company has pledged that all future innovative plastic models will be designed using only recycled material. Additionally, all its injected plastic chairs will be based on recycled plastic raw material.

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To find out more about the DuraOcean chair and its accompanying Nassau range of FSC Eucalyptus tables, please contact LifestyleGarden® via, or visit its dedicated trade showroom (by appointment only). The full range will also be making its official debut at the forthcoming SOLEX exhibition (9th – 11th July, NEC Birmingham).
Further details about the Ocean Recovery Project can be found at