In recent times there has been significant growth in consumer interest regarding eco-friendly products, with shoppers now choosing to buy from brands that they firmly believe are doing social or environmental good.

With this trend continuously increasing, Sipcam UK - one of the world’s leading plant technology companies, is calling on garden retailers to stock their ecofective® range as ethically aware consumers look to protect their family and the natural world around them.

Ecofective’s range is made from natural solutions and ‘green chemistry’, uniquely formulated to maximise impact whilst eliminating damage to the environment.  Most have been successfully used by commercial growers in the UK and Europe who follow an organic route to market. All the ingredients used have favourable eco-toxicological and health and safety profiles and are naturally derived meaning they are child and pet safe too.

The range features seven Child and Pet Safe products; a non-pesticide Bug & Mildew Control spray for use on flowers, fruit and vegetables, non-toxic Slug Defence Granules, a natural ingredients Lawn Feed+ Root Enhancer, ROOTplus 3 in 1 made of biodegradable granules, organic Wonder Feed Concentrate, natural and organic-based Pour and Feed that can be used both indoors and outdoors and an advanced probiotics multi-surface cleaner, Safe to Clean.

Ecofective’s other natural solutions Path, Patio and Decking Cleaner and WeedBlast, both made from acetic acid, biodegradable Weed and Moss Killer, Bug Killer which is made up of pyrethrins, fatty acids and contains no neonicotinoids, pet re-trainer Cat and Dog Repellent, Mouse Killer, natural and organic Houseplant BOOST ‘Pour and Feed’, non-pesticide Houseplant Defender and Rose Defender, as well as a brand new Artificial Grass Cleaner.

The range comes with accompanying in-store point of sale and marketing support so retailers can maximise sales throughout the gardening season. POS is made up of three compact FSDU’s which each focus on Child and Pet Safe/Bee Friendly, Natural Solutions or Safe to Clean probiotic cleaner.  These versatile units can be moved around in-store to create a stand-alone display or can be used in conjunction with other gardening sundries, plants and pots to create appealing link selling opportunities.

One metre shelf displays, which also focus on the Child and Pet Safe and Natural Solutions message, are also available and help to increase the product’s impact instore, provide the retailer with the flexibility of how much space to use and give the shelves a professional and striking finish.

Additionally, a team of ecofective® sales agents are on hand to offer expert merchandising advice whilst Decco exclusively handle all sales to UK garden centres and retail outlets.

Matt Jones of Sipcam UK said: “Consumers are much more aware of the impact theirMake this sales season a green one with ecofective® purchases have upon the environment, which means there has never been a better time for retailers to stock ecofective® on their shelves.  More and more people are moving towards a more natural and organic approach in garden care and we strongly believe that our product range taps directly into this audience.  With an increasing number of well-known branded pesticides and chemicals being withdrawn from worldwide sale, and widely publicised environmental concerns around glyphosate and neonicotinoids, ecofective® fills that void in the market.”

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