Viano Fertilisers help your customers to take Care of Mother Earth

The lawncare sector is poised for a buoyant spring. Months of rainfall have left the nation’s green expanses lacklustre in appearance and riddled with unsightly moss. When it comes to lawn renovation, however, the tide is turning against synthetic treatments. In a sector where chemicals once dominated, a transformation is being driven by a new generation of natural lawn treatments that are not only kinder to the planet, but reward consumers with outstanding results and levels of performance that were once only available to turfcare professionals.
Natural & organic lawncare solutions from DJ Turfcare and Viano
Viano organic lawn fertilisers, distributed exclusively in the UK by DJ Turfcare, hold the key to unlocking the full potential of the lawncare sector as consumers make the switch to natural and organic gardening. Viano has an impressive heritage: founded in 1948, the premium organic fertiliser range is the oldest privately owned brand in Belgium, supplying innovative eco-friendly lawn solutions to the professional and consumer markets, while the brand has established a loyal customer base at garden centres across the UK.
Owner of DJ Turfcare, David Jenkins, says: “With its roots deeply embedded in professional turfcare, Viano organic fertilisers hold the key to helping retailers create a real point of difference in lawncare categories this spring. We know that consumers, particularly families with children and pets, are making the switch from chemical to natural lawn treatments – but still demand superior and long-lasting results. The Viano range has been engineered to excel at every level, bringing standards of professional turf cultivation to domestic gardens. With sustainability driving the consumer agenda in 2020, the Viano line-up meets the needs of both eco-savvy consumers and gardeners who no longer have time to carry out labour intensive lawncare tasks such as scarifying.”
Below, we reveal Viano organic fertilisers’ unique selling points and demonstrate how the range has been tailored to meet the needs of consumers who enjoy beautiful lawns and want to protect the planet, but lack the time or know-how to cultivate professional turf.

Introducing the Viano family of fertilisers

MO Bacter & MO Bacter Instants
One of the most instantly recognisable names in the Viano stable is MO Bacter – an organic slow-release granular lawn fertiliser that proudly carries DJ Turfcare from Viano Fertilisersendorsement by the Royal Horticultural Society, Britain’s leading gardening charity. Its three-in-one action rids lawns of moss, feeds grass and improves the soil, but offers two USPs that retailers can tap into to leverage additional sales.
The first, and one of the major benefits of MO Bacter, is that it destroys moss without leaving unsightly black debris – a common feature of some quick-fix chemical lawn treatments. Not only does this mean that time-pressed consumers don’t need to undertake in the back-breaking, unpopular task of scarifying lawns, but dead moss is digested by the formula’s decomposing bacteria, transforming thatch into organic lawn feed. The result is a healthier lawn without any of the mess and hard work that’s traditionally associated with lawn renovation – while the treatment is harmless to animals and wildlife and won’t scorch nearby plants. The second key USP is that MO Bacter will not stain stonework, tiles, patios or paths unlike some of its chemical rivals, ensuring that consumers can use the product with confidence that no risk will be posed to hard landscaping features. This is one of the reasons why it is widely used by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. MO Bacter works for up to three months, offering a long season of performance.
In September 2019 the MO Bacter portfolio was expanded with the introduction of MO Bacter Instant. 100% organic, Mo Bacter Instant is now available as a compound liquid fertiliser that can be diluted and sprayed directly on areas where moss grows. MO Bacter Instant destroys moss within 48 hours, however unlike MO Bacter the dead moss needs to be raked out. Reseeding can take place straight away.  Mo Bacter Instant can be used year-round as long as the soil temperature is above 3 degrees, and even after mowing, with a single two-litre bottle of Mo Bacter Instant treating a 250m2 area.
Viano Recovery Organic Fertilisers
With weather extremes such as flooding and drought predicted to become commonplace due to climate change, Viano Recovery Organic Fertiliser, also endorsed by the RHS, is a must-stock product for lawncare departmental managers. Recovery is the go-to choice to drive lawncare sales after periods of high stress on turf such as drought and waterlogging, and following hard wear and tear during the summer months. As an added bonus, the fertiliser helps lawns to retain a strong, vivid green colour during winter.
This organic fertiliser’s NPK formulation is mixed with a unique ingredient called Humifirst which kick-starts biological activity and acts as a plant growth stimulant. Humifirst achieves results by encouraging the development of microorganisms in the soil. This in turn improves the soil structure enabling it to hold more nutrients and water. It is these microorganisms which transport the nutriments from the fertiliser to the grass roots while at the same time enabling the roots to take up the goodness into the plant system. This optimises root formation and resulting in healthy and strong growth. The lawn then continues to improve and will be fed in this highly effective manner for 12 weeks. Recovery is the ideal product for applying before seeding or turfing.
Viano Bio-Lime
Some lawns begin life in an acidic environment. Other lawns tend to drift into becoming acidic as a result of acid rain and constant feeding. A lawn with a low pH makes it impossible for it to benefit from the fertilisers which are applied. This results in a downward spiral as more fertilisers are applied to get the results required and in doing so cause the lawn to become even more acidic.
An acidic environment is also ideal for encouraging moss envision. Therefore, Viano Bio-Lime is the ideal treatment to apply during the autumn/winter or early spring period. It comes in granular form making it easy to spread and contains magnesium to enhance winter colour. It also contains the bacteria found in MO Bacter which will continue to help digest the thatch layer. In this way the lawn will be in its best condition to continue treatment throughout the spring and summer.
Bio-Lime contains magnesium that not only encourages a healthy sward, but helps lawns to maintain a rich colour during winter.
Viano Universal Lawn Feed
With consumers hunting for fast-acting lawn treatments that don’t require regular re-application, Viano Universal Lawn Feed is ideally placed to cater for shoppers with busy lifestyles. Naturally occurring organic materials release their nutrients over varying periods of time, ensuring that lawns are consistently fed during a 12 week period. By delivering precise and effective doses of nitrogen, phosphate, potash and magnesium, lawns retain a healthy, green appearance throughout the growing season.
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