Introducing ‘The Real Soil Company’ – the new name in high-quality, results-driven topsoil

As spring approaches and gardeners start thinking about their gardens again, garden retailers will be pleased to learn that there is a new brand of high-quality organic topsoil launching to the UK market; a brand which is set to change the way we think about this often-neglected product offering – introducing The Real Soil Company.
The Real Soil Company  - previously known as EcoGro SuperSoil - has been brought to market by the team behind Boughton Loam Ltd, leading suppliers of soils, seeds and substrates to the amenity, landscape and construction industries since 1985. Aimed at the premium garden centre customer, this organic topsoil has been specially enhanced using ethically sourced natural components to create a new chapter for topsoil quality and customer loyalty, plugging the gap at the higher end of the market where products have, until now, lacked real substance and quality.
Simon Hedley, Managing Director at Boughton Loam Ltd, said: “Growing media is serious business within garden retail, but until now topsoil has been a product which has lacked any real innovation or any real connection with the consumer beyond being a necessary commodity product. However, as consumers adopt a more environmentally friendly mindset and look for products to minimise their impact upon the planet, coupled with the rise in popularity of gardening in 2020 especially Grow-Your-Own, raised bed and container gardening, it has never been more important that products are backed with a clear and defined mission statement that supports these consumer needs.
“With The Real Soil Company it is possible for retailers to offer something different; something which will drive up the average basket spend at the point of sale whilst arming consumers with a product they can really trust in. We’ve invested significantly in building a real standout brand, which draws the eye from across the sales floor and clearly outlines the products USPs such as ‘organic’ and ‘peat-free’ thanks to the unique visual branding which is unlike other growing media brands on the market today.The Real Soil Company organic topsoil
“Additionally, the brand is backed by an established player in the world of topsoil, which means we are able to quickly meet retailer demand with our UK based manufacturing site, in-house marketing support and existing logistic partners. As 2020 showed us consumer demand can far exceed expectation, often leaving stock quantities depleted. Whilst many retailers will be looking at ways to avoid this happening again, they will be pleased to learn that The Real Soil Company can react within a matter of days to deliver stock into store. It is this level of customer support, coupled with the unrivalled quality of product, which we strongly believe means that The Real Soil Company can significantly drive growth of topsoil sales. We also believe that our offering can help to build loyalty amongst customers that, until now, lacked a brand to throw their support behind. It’s an exciting proposition for us and for garden retailers.”
The Real Soil Company – for the environmentally-friendly gardener
The hero of The Real Soil Company is the natural components which are added to enrich and enhance the soil. These natural ‘boosters’ provide quicker plant establishment, better resilience against pests and disease, whilst also enabling edible crops to benefit from nutritional enhancement and a higher crop yield.
Meeting and improving on the BS3882 standards for compliance and reliability, The Real Soil Company offers a number of other key benefits including 100% natural ingredients and material traceability. The enhanced soil also offers better water retention and release for optimum plant growth, whilst also providing a more balanced and workable material for gardeners.
Simon added: “There is no question that consumer demand for eco-friendly products will continue to rise and garden retailers will, perhaps more than most, be expected to be the forefront of this. With The Real Soil Company retailers can rest assured that they are providing a product that delivers true green credentials without compromising on quality.”
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