5 ways to financially improve your landscaping business

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re running your own landscaping business. There’s a lot to keep track of, from billing clients to actually showing up on site to get the work done. You likely started your landscaping business because you enjoyed the latter of those two things. Your passion lies in making beautiful landscapes, not behind-the-scenes paperwork.

While in the past you may have had to do everything with pen and paper once returning to the office, this isn’t the case any longer. Owning a lawn care business has gotten a lot easier. There are now apps and other tools you can use improve your profits and financial stability, often without ever leaving your client’s property.

If you’re wondering how to do this without having to invest a lot of time in learning complicated new programs, here are five ways to financially improve your landscaping business.

1. iPunchClock

If you’ve ever wanted to keep time so accurately that you never have to guess the exact minute you showed up or left again, iPunchClock is the best app for that. You can start your time on the app the minute you arrive on site. When you leave you can clock out in the same way. This gives you the chance to bill your clients with 100% accuracy. 5 ways to financially improve your landscaping business - a woman on phone in plant nursery

There’s no more guesswork involved and if your clients have questions you can show them the app to show when you arrived or left in a concrete tangible manner. iPunchClock can also be used for any members of your staff that may be arriving at different times or at different locations.

In both instances, you’ll still have a great way to make sure you’ll be billing for every second you’re on site. No more guesswork (and possible lost billing time) by taking care of things when you get back to the office. It’s a win for everyone involved.

2. Invoice2Go

Much like the usability on site of iPunchClock, this is another great way to make sure your clients are getting accurate (and instant) information. With Invoice2Go you can create your invoice and send it to the client right from your phone.

Your client will receive their invoice instantly, and if there are any questions that need to be answered you’ll still be onsite when and ready to answer as the client asks. Any discrepancies can be solved face to face without the hassle of making multiple phone calls.

Being able to invoice on the spot, before you leave your client’s site for the final time will really cut down on headaches and confusion. It’s a great way to keep making sure your business is growing and that you’re financially improving your business.

3. Harvest Landscape Calculator

You might be currently spending a lot of time giving the most accurate guess as to how much mulch or soil you’re going to need to cover the area you’re working on. Guessing often leads to buying too much or not enough product. Either case isn’t going to be the most financially beneficial situation for your landscaping business.

Harvest Landscape Calculator makes sure you aren’t guessing anymore, meaning you’re ordering the exact right amount of mulch or soil you need. If you aren’t overbuying you’re passing along the benefits to your clients and in turn, financially benefiting from more accurate measurements as well.

Harvest Landscape Calculator lets you enter in the depth and area of the spot you’re planning to use mulch (or soil) and gives you an exact amount needed based on those measurements. It’s quick and easy to use, and just like the other apps mentioned you can use it right on site.

4. DocuSign

DocuSign lets you create invoices and estimates on your smartphone while you’re still standing right there with the client. It gives you the chance to go over estimates while your client is there and thinking about the same things you are.

Once you’ve established that everyone involved is all on the same page you can have the documents signed right then and there. (Hence the name “DocuSign”) This way if there’s any question about what you both agreed to the document is easily accessible and no one is left fending for themselves.

5. Be more prepared than your competitors

This might sound obvious but it’s still very much worth talking about. There are a lot of ways you can be more prepared and provide better service. If your client calls and you have no idea what their property is going to look like, use the tools at your disposal to get a good idea of things before you go.

There are tools available like Google maps/Streetview or Planimeter that let you see your client’s property before you even step foot on it. Once you’re able to see what you’re getting into you can start making the best plans possible right from the start.

As they say, good customer service starts from the very first interaction. That means if you show up at a client’s property and you aren’t running around wondering what your plans will be, they’re going to be more impressed. (And willing to pay you more because you’ll seem more professional than others.)

Keep these ideas in mind while you’re getting ready to head out and develop concrete plans with your client. You’ll be more aware of the limitations the property may have, like hills or uneven surfaces. You’ll even have the chance to see what kind of landscaping is there now and be sure to offer plans that suit their current preferences.

Landscaping made easy

There are other things that go into making your landscaping business more profitable. Good customer service is something that is free to provide and will give you word of mouth advertising that could be invaluable.

However, using the ideas here will help you to be prepared and all you to give your customers the very best hi-tech service. Even if it takes a few minutes to learn how to use all of it, it will be time well spent to create a more efficient back office.