Michelin-starred chef savours new venture with range of artisan salts

Michelin-starred Chef Brad Carter, who is known for championing British produce and sustainable eating as well as owning an award-winning restaurant, has taken his passion for well-seasoned dishes to the next level by partnering with Midlands-based salt manufacturers, Droitwich Salt, to produce a new range of flavoured artisan salts.

Celebrated for its natural flavours and purity, Droitwich Salt is sourced from one of the oldest and purest salt brine springs in the world – and is produced just a stone’s throw away from Carter’s Birmingham-based restaurant.

After discovering Droitwich Salt and making it a staple in his restaurant, Carter joined forces with owner Will Kerton to develop three new flavours of salt; Charcoal, Sea Truffle and Coastline.

Following this creation, Carter and Kerton partnered with award-winning Food Hall, Food at Webbs in Worcestershire. Known for its commitment to supporting local producers and a family-history nearly as old as the salt brine springs, Webbs will exclusively stock the salts in-store and online.

When developing the salts, Chef Carter looked to the seasons to seek inspiration. Each salt was an opportunity to revitalise forgotten ingredients that are indigenous to Great Britain. Charcoal is inspired by ancient enchanted British forests; Sea Truffle is collected wild from British rock pools and beaches by fearless foragers, and Coastline is inspired by the mighty ocean surf breaking on our British shores.

He said: Droitwich Salt

“Anyone interested in food knows how vital seasoning is in helping flavours and ingredients really come to life. As it’s such high quality, you don’t need to use much of Droitwich Salt’s products to impart the rich flavour that really elevates cooking. Droitwich Salt’s British subtle twist to dishes. They use ancient methods to extract the salt in its purest form, leaving a product that is packed with flavour and a pure joy to cook with.”

 Will Kerton, owner of Droitwich Salt said:

“Having grown up in Droitwich, I’m immensely proud to be part of a product revival with such local and international importance. Droitwich is home to an ocean of sea salt that’s been underground for around 100,000 years. This is what makes it so special, as it hasn’t been exposed to any industrial means and as such hasn’t experienced any of the challenges our seas currently face.”

Ed Webb, owner of Webbs, said:

“The Midlands is home to so many fantastic producers and we’re looking forward to showcasing Will and Brad’s exciting new range of artisan salts. At Food at Webbs we are dedicated to supporting local producers that have a true passion for their products. Chef Carter’s involvement creating these bespoke flavours is a real testament to Droitwich Salt’s quality and we’re proud it’s exclusively available in our Food Hall.”

Churchfield Saltworks, a family run business, uses renewable biomass energy to operate sustainably – providing green energy to power the farm, café, offices, family home and salt production. The system is powered by organic materials in the form of wood chippings sourced from the local area. This forms part of a 20 year tree cycle –for every tree that is taken, another tree is planted in its place.

Harvested by hand, the natural brine goes through a gentle process of crystalisation which removes the moisture to create salt crystals. In 48 hours, and dependent on ambient temperatures, the liquid has crystalised and dried out – creating a product so pure, even sea salt struggles to complete.

The Droitwich Salts - Charcoal, Sea Truffle and Coastline  - are available to buy exclusively at Webbs for £5.99 (100g). Buy yours in store or online at www.webbs.co.uk/food.
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