Biofertilisers the new generation

Empathy, the pioneering gardening company known for its Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi, is introducing new products and packaging in its biofertiliser range for 2024.

Regenerative farming is becoming a significant trend in modern agriculture, with a fundamental focus on soil health. Many adopted practices and treatments are designed to enhance the underlying biology. The relationship between beneficial biology and the soil's efficiency in transferring nutrients to crops, consequently allowing for a reduction in chemical use, represents a new frontier in farming. Empathy, the UK's resource for beneficial soil microbes, has supported UK farmers in their transition to regenerative agriculture for ten years. It is now pleased to introduce its biofertiliser technology to UK gardening.

The After Plant Biofertiliser range will feature the new Empathy packaging in 2024, including both the RootgrowEmpathy Biofertilisers range for 2024

mycorrhizal fungi and the refined Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria technologies. Segmented for seven plant groups, the plant food components are designed to be optimally converted by the microbes within the products into a form available to plants, ensuring maximum uptake and minimal wastage.

Simple, safe, and effective biofertilisers will increasingly replace traditional fertilisers and plant food in the coming years as the public becomes more aware of their benefits and ecological pedigree, and as restrictions on chemicals drive change in gardening practices.

Empathy leads the change in this area—we are ecological by design.

For further information on the Empathy Biofertiliser range, please contact:

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