UK Manufacturer invents a NEW way to wash your pet - Is this the future?

Waterless Limited specialises in "towel off" washing, for bed bound and immobile patients in hospital. But with a huge love of dogs and owning naughty pouches, the family used this technology to develop a new way to wash your pet effectively without water or rinsing that easily removes mud, odours and even fox mess! This is NOT a dry powder or alcohol gel that masks dirt, but a water based, clever solution that feels like your pet has really been in the shower.

Nilaqua leaves no sticky residues, smells fantastic, is vegan friendly, endorsed cruelty free and kind and gentle on sensitive skin. You can picture it now..... you're going camping and the dogs got to sleep with you. Your out on a lovely stroll to find your pooch looking very pleased with themselves - caked in something disgusting. You're now coming back to your car and dreading it going all over your boot and the smell.... Fear not, just apply, massage and towel off.

The shampoo lifts everything up out of the fur and the towel takes the hit. No stress, No mess and a quick clean. It's not just dogs that benefit from Nilaqua pet shampoo. It is suitable for any other pet with fur– Guinea Pigs, Cats and even Horses. You will find it great for incontinence, showing, elderly, rolling and even rescues, reducing the stress of being in a new environment and dealing with a wash. Waterless pet shampoo - a new way to wash your pet!

Nilaqua understands the impact pesticides have on the environment and how chemicals running through your pets blood stream isn't ideal. But the threat of ticks and having a home ridden with fleas is awful. So in their wisdom, in the second fragrance of "Towel Off" shampoo, they added essential oils, such as Tea Tree and Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Fennel oil, which are know to send these critters running.

Take a look at the how to video and see how easy it is for yourself.