With Evergreen Garden Care taking over the creative license for the UK’s market leading weedkiller Roundup® and with a new non-glyphosate product range set to launch later this year, the brand is once again set to take the weed killer market by storm. 

Roundup®’s latest no glyphosate* product innovation, Roundup®Speed Ultra, will further bolster the brand’s existing range of market leading weedkiller products. It still has the benefits of being tough on weeds, Roundup® Speed Ultra is a fast acting solution that will deliver visible results within one hour of application and this new formula allows for replanting as soon as the next day.

Whilst continuing to support its extensive range of highly effective glyphosate products, Evergreen Garden Care believes that Roundup® Speed Ultra is a direct result of the need to diversify its weedkiller offering, providing a wider choice for both retailers and consumers alike.

The introduction of this no glyphosate range means that anyone with a weed problem can quickly and efficiently target weeds in those tricky areas. 

Janne Hansen, Controls Category Manager at Evergreen commented: “We are pleased to announce the launch of Roundup®Speed Ultra, which will further enhance the brand’s No. 1 position in the market. Whilst continuing to support our wide range of highly effective glyphosate weedkillers, we also recognised that there was a need to New Roundup® Speed Ultra: Tough On Weedsdiversify our product offering to provide a wider choice of formulation for consumers. Roundup® Speed Ultra is the result of that and one that we are highly confident will be as popular as the rest of the Roundup® range with both consumers and retailers alike.”

The product will available in 1L and 3L bottles and the will be supported with TV advertising and cut-through POS in-store throughout 2019.

For more information visit www.roundup-garden.com.