UK mowing season shortened in 2018

The British lawnmowing season is officially changing. Leading lawnmower manufacturer Cub Cadet highlights this shift with the first-year-on-year comparison of data (2017 and 2018), published today. The information collected by the company is part of a five-year survey to accurately plot how the changing weather patterns are impacting grass growth and lawnmowing activity in the UK.

Gardeners were encouraged to enter their first and last mowing dates. The figures provided by almost 100 gardeners in the UK showed that on average their mowing season was 227 days in 2018 compared to 233 in the previous year.

The most popular week for gardeners to begin mowing was 26th March 2018 and the most popular week for a final cut before winter was across two weeks, week commencing the 5th and 12th November 2018.

The shortest mowing period entered in the survey was 161 days in West Yorkshire the longest was 301 days in Shropshire where their mower was still being used in mid-December.
The majority of lawns had their final cut in November between the 2nd and 30th, whereas in 2017, most had the final cut in the fortnight betweenUK mowing season shortened in 2018 23rd October and 5th November.

Phil Noble, field sales and technical manager for Cub Cadet, said: “It is interesting to see how these results have changed since last season. By accurately plotting when gardeners are performing their first and last cut we can help them with planning their lawnmowing and scarifying.”

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In order for Cub Cadet to generate year-on-year comparisons and to analyse the ongoing impact of weather conditions, it is inviting gardeners to submit their lawnmowing dates again this year. The 2019 survey is now live.

To participate, gardeners simply complete a form online with the date of their first mow. Cub Cadet is offering one lucky participant £50 worth of National Garden gift vouchers to be redeemed at garden centres across the country.

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