The weather can be less inviting this time of year and consequently we spend less time in our gardens, however, it’s still crucial to ensure wooden and exterior accessories are protected throughout the colder months. 

Sean Thompson, Sadolin Technical Consultant, gives his top tips on maintaining decking throughout the winter:
“Coatings allow the user to protect the decking from unwanted excess moisture ingress, UV damage (when it goes grey) and protection from the elements whilst retaining an even colour. You can leave your softwood decking to weather and grey/silver naturally but understand that the wetting/drying cycle is accelerated (as it’s not protected by a coating) and over time cracks and splits will occur much quicker. Organic growth (mould/algae) is also much more difficult to control and clean off if the timber is left bare.

If the surface is looking in a poor state of repair then be prepared for a bit of preparation work, however, you will reap the benefits if you spend the time getting it right!

Grey/silver denatured timber surfaces must not be coated – they will fail as the applied coating will simply adhere to deckingthe fibrous surface on top and break away. Coatings adhere to sound existing previous coatings or a clean, bright sound timber surface. So, anything flaky and grey needs to be mechanically sanded off (not the easiest with the grooves) in conjunction with a stiff nylon brush for those hard to get to areas (don’t use anything metallic like a wire brush as these can leave metal shards in the surface and rust leaving unsightly spots). Again, my advice is to follow the instructions for help on how best to prepare surfaces.”

The Sadolin Classic Woodstain enhances the natural beauty of wood and provides exceptional protection from the elements at this time of year. It is the perfect DIY companion for beginners and experts alike, as it is easy to use and guarantees a quality finish.