All urban launches a safe and sustainable way to BBQ

All Urban is celebrating the launch of their exclusive UK partnership with Australian manufacturer Christie barbecues, the only dedicated public barbecue manufacturer in the world. As the global leader in the design and engineering of barbecues for communal use, their products are an excellent fit for All Urban, who specialise in supplying the UK landscape industry with innovative, world-class sustainable products which help create inviting and safer public spaces. 

Most cultures love a good barbecue and the British are no exception, with it being a rapidly growing trend. Three out of four households own one and the number of BBQ events held are increasing rapidly. The overall BBQ and al fresco eating market has jumped from £150 million back in 1997 to just over £7.6 billion in 2017. There is growing popularity in living a healthier lifestyle, with Brits favouring to eat outside in the fresh air. 
With the British domestic barbecue market booming, there remains significant room for improvement when it comes to public barbecue facilities. Current options are limited to commercial or disposable alternatives, neither of which meet the standards of safety, convenience, and environmental sustainability required of products in public spaces. 

Most commercial barbecues on the UK market are not engineered for continuous and unsupervised use by the public. Disposable options are popular, but inconvenient to use and dispose of the waste. With longer and drier summers here to stay, the open flames and coals pose a significant hazard for users and to the environment. The British public need a more sustainable solution for cooking safely and sustainably in public spaces. 

Christie barbecues introduces a totally new outdoor cooking concept to the UK’s public spaces. Developed specifically to address the risk of personal injury due to accidents and burns, as well as the significant environmental hazards presented by the waste and coals from disposables, their public barbecues are famous for their safety, quality, and reliability. 

After five decades of product refinement and with tens of thousands of barbecues installed in Australia and all over the world, nobody has ever been injured by one of their products. 

Christie pioneered the now-iconic Australian public barbecue, where they are often a hub for community activity in parks, resorts, schools, and other shared community spaces. They offer a healthy, multicultural, and socially engaging outdoor activity to an increasingly isolated urban population. In addition to being a popular way to enjoy the longer spring and summer days, communal cooking facilities encourages cross cultural communication that is proven to enhance social cohesion. After all, preparing and sharing food brings people together and improves the experience of everyone that lives, works, visits and plays in shared open spaces Christie barbecues are designed for convenience and simple operation.

A start button with 6-second safety delayed turns it on, launching a brief sterilisation cycle to ensure a safe and 
hygienic cooking surface. Digital technology constantly monitors and maintains the target temperature to ensure that food cooks quickly and efficiently, without stewing or burning. 

After 20 minutes the barbecue automatically turns itself off. In adChristie barbecues electric public barbecue installed for Melbourne City Council 2019dition to monitoring the temperature and operational parameters, the barbecue Controller will diagnose and alert owners via flashing codes of any errors or parts that require maintenance. 

Easy to install and maintain, Christie barbecues offer business owners, public officials, and the community a convenient and reliable cooking experience. By providing a controlled public facility in a designated area it is easy to monitor use, develop cleaning and maintenance regimes, and discourage the use of hazardous alternatives. The robust design of all Christie products specifically addresses concerns around vandalism and durability in 
the extreme climates Australia is famous form. 

As the first choice of Australian councils, caravan parks, and the leisure industry and for more than fifty years, Christie also pride themselves on offering excellent technical support. Christie barbecue cooktops are self-contained appliances that can be easily incorporated into any bespoke outdoor kitchen design. This versatility allows landscape architects and designers to create their own surrounds that integrate with their Public Park or rooftop garden aesthetic. Christie’s pre-manufactured, flat-packed barbecue surrounds offer another durable barbecue option that’s ideal for school or university student facilities, camping areas and resorts, and lifestyle developments such as golfing and retirement facilities. 

With an impeccable safety record, more than 50 years of product refinement, and over 

40,000 barbecues installed across the country, Christie barbecues have become a valued part of everyday Australian public life. 

Paul Collings, Director of All Urban concludes, “We are thrilled to add Christie into our growing portfolio. All Urban wants to help the landscape industry create safer more socially accessible public spaces and the Christie barbecue is ideal for that. Over the summer months, we hope to host our demo barbecue at events around the UK and urge interested parties to register their interest so we can invite them along to see the barbecues themselves.” 

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