Your New Favourite Hot Spot: What You Need to Know for Creating Your Own Bar

The past couple of years have taught us how to be resourceful in our own homes due to COVID restrictions, which led to Brits splashing out to build their own bars. Having a bar in such close proximity to you is of course very practical, so the demand for a garden bar isn’t stopping anytime soon. 

Although the process of building your bar might seem difficult, it’s crucial that you remember the must-have items. Here, we discuss the basics for your very own garden bar.

Stocking up on the essentials

Outdoor bar The most important feature in your bar is, of course, the alcohol; but it’s essential to stock a range, whether it be spirits, wine, or beers. Particularly when you’re entertaining, having a wide selection ensures there’s something for everyone. You might just fancy making a cocktail one evening. If so, a range of alcohols will give a lot more options – just make sure you have a cocktail shaker at the ready. 

But it’s not just about what alcohol you have, as there’s almost no use if you have nothing to mix it with. Gin mixers are especially important, as there can be a variety of mixers: tonic, soda water, lemonade, and in several flavours too, which you can then use for many other classic drinks. You can also stock up on fresh fruit since it’s always a nice touch to your gin and tonic, and your guests will no doubt be impressed with your service. For cocktail enthusiasts, stock up on some dried fruit to garnish.

Decorative necessities

Building your very own bar takes a lot of time and dedication, so why not name it after yourself or your family? You can then create a personalised hanging sign to display the name. But make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed by illuminating it with some fairy lights, which will also come in handy for the darker and colder winter nights. 

The perfect drink isn’t just about the taste – the right glass is necessary, too. After all, there’s no use drinking your wine out of a gin glass, so be sure to have a variety of glasses to suit your tastes. Choosing colourful glassware is a simple way to add some decorative detail to the occasion.

Seating is, of course, essential, but the space within your garden can affect your choice. So if you’re limited for space, some bar stools will do the trick – and you can also add colourful cushions for some oomph. If you have a spacious back garden with outdoor furniture such as sofas, you can always move these to your bar area which is perfect when hosting a large group.

Preparing your outdoor bar for the seasons

Outdoor bar signYou may think that your bar will remain empty over the winter period. But the time and effort spent building your hotspot should never be wasted, so be sure to invest in some heaters surrounding the area to keep you warm in those colder months. Blankets can also be useful for your seating area if you want to be prepared for the weather.

In summer, with the right amount of shade, your garden bar is the perfect place to cool down on a hot day. A mini fridge will be your best friend for saving you from making regular trips to the kitchen, or even an ice bucket if you have limited space. To fit with the season, you can always add some bright decorations – a large colourful dispenser will do the trick, as well as coming in handy for serving drinks. Plus, you can always add some fruit for a pop of colour on your bar, not to mention an extra dash of flavour in your drink.

If you are fortunate enough to have a south-facing garden, you will be used to soaking in the glorious sunshine in summer. But if your bar is separate to your seating area, then it can perhaps be a bit too hot during the day due to lack of shade. A canopy is a great way to solve this, or even bring the beach to your back garden with a parasol.  

Investing in a garden bar is extremely beneficial for making sure that you get the best experience possible. And you can be confident knowing your friends and neighbours will be envious of your creation – but gathering the necessities is key. Perhaps our suggestions will guide you in the creation of your new favourite hot spot.