The Top Five Trending TikTok Gardening Hacks

WD-40 reveals the top hacks on the internet to give your garden a quick, easy and low-budget revamp this spring

As spring is fast approaching, and the Great British weather begins to improve (slightly), many of us are beginning to take to our gardens to attempt to ready them for the coming months. But, with gas prices rising and other bills constantly increasing, the budget for garden maintenance has most likely decreased for most households.

So, if you are attempting to achieve your dream garden on a budget this Spring, iconic household brand, WD-40, has scoured TikTok to discover the top five best tips and tricks to give your outdoor space a quick, easy, and low budget revamp. With 37.4 million views on TikTok regarding these clever garden hacks, there is a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be discovered – and we have collated the best ones for you below!

Gardening Hacks from WD-40 - garden furnitureSantorini Vibes

Are you a fan of an all-white tile design, but don’t have the budget to fit new ones? Not to worry, you can transform your old concrete ones with this super easy hack from @JensHomeJournal. Simply clean off your tile paving, allow to dry, and use a roller and white masonry paint to rejuvenate your tiles, or any concrete or stone surfaces in your garden! This will help to achieve a lighter, brighter appearance in your alfresco space, making it feel more modern in an instant. Plus, if you accidentally damage or stain any of your tiles, you can rectify it simply with another layer of paint. Easy peasy maintenance. Job done.

Pro Tip: Struggling to get the lid off the paint the next day? We’ve all been there! Simply grab that can of WD-40 that’s stored in the toolbox, garage, or garden shed – this DIY favourite isn’t just for creaking doors. Shake the can well and squirt the product around the edge of the rim of the paint lid, allowing a little time for it to penetrate and loosen the grip on the paint lid. Then, gently pry the lid away from the can with no damage as the seal finally breaks. And just like that, it’s time to add that second coat!

Surface Level Hacks

This hack is perfect if you are trying to achieve a luxury appearance on a low budget. White marble stone chips are a luxurious and aesthetically appealing way to fill gaps in planters or create clean boarders in your garden space. However, they are known to be fairly expensive. So, to help reduce the cost of this feature, whilst still maintaining the image you have been dreaming of, @CreamCityCrates recommends using a base layer of cheaper stones to fill in the gaps, and then covering these with a single layer of white marble. This reduces the amount of white marble you will need to purchase, without diminishing the appearance of your beautiful garden. Sneaky!

Get Creative With Wall Art

If you are tired of your old drab walls or fences, did you know there is a cheap and effective way to give them a makeover without replacing them? @Crystal_lynn_home recommends creating a geometric stencil, and using masonry paint to create a patterned effect on your fence! Although slightly time consuming, this hack will help to create a chic, expensive looking design in just a few days (depending on the size of your fence or wall) - and will also work on tiled flooring, too!

Pro tip: Whether you’re a regular DIY’er or not, we all know leaving paint on your brushes after use is not an option or you will return to find your brush bristles stuck together and unusable. Once you have completed your paint work, make sure you maintain your paint brushes well with WD-40® to ensure you don’t need to buy new ones for your next DIY project.

Deter The Pests!

Are you an avid gardener? If the answer to that question was yes, we bet you’ve experienced the frustration of bugs and wildlife taking advantage of your gorgeous greens. Did you know there is an eco-friendly hack to deter them, without spending a fortune on repellent and pesticides? @TheAshtonHomestead recommends chopping up leftover orange peels, and spreading them across your planters to discourage any pesky visitors. According to The Ashton Homestead, the orange peels contain a natural insecticide which deters everything from slugs to fruit flies, to dogs and foxes – as they are naturally repelled by the smell of citrus. Pest free plants for (almost) free!

DIY > Professional Help

If you’re in the game of saving every penny you can, @_ohabode is the TikTok account you need to visit. Covering everything from DIY pergolas to fitting your own decking, you could save thousands of pounds by cutting out the middleman, learning a new skill, and DIYing your own outdoor space. Who needs to shop for bargains when you can simply do it yourself? Inspired? Why not visit WD-40’s blog to discover a bunch (pardon the pun) of garden how-to’s to get you started?

So, now that you have been armed with TikTok’s top five budget garden revamp hacks, are you ready to get outdoors? From freshly painted fences to DIY pergolas, TikTok hosts a wealth of useful knowledge to help you create your dream garden sanctuary.

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