Coffee Logs now more sustainable, cut carbon footprint by 6%

bio-bean Limited, maker of Coffee Logs – planet-friendly fire logs powered by coffee – has cut its carbon footprint by 6%. The company has achieved this by removing the thin wax coating from the surface of Coffee Logs, making the product even more sustainable whilst remaining an efficient, high-quality fuel. 

When bio-bean first developed Coffee Logs – around 7 years ago – it included a thin coating of paraffin wax on the outer surface of the logs. The wax served as a solid, protective layer to keep the logs from breaking during transport to stores and into consumers’ homes. It also kept dust from the logs to a minimum. 

Coffee Logs But bio-bean is a business built on sustainability – indeed, the coffee recycling company has Certified B Corporation status – and paraffin wax isn't a long-term sustainable solution. So, after years of searching for better alternatives, the company took the decision to remove the wax from Coffee Logs all together, and in doing so cut its carbon footprint by 6%. 

Coffee Logs are a little dusty to handle now without the wax coating. Given they're made with nothing but recycled coffee grounds and a bit of sawdust to help bind the grounds together, some loose granules are to be expected. 

Matt Keniston, Head of Commercial for bio-bean said: “We’re excited about the improvement this product change has made on our carbon footprint. Coffee Logs are just as hot as they were before – they burn 20% hotter than kiln-dried wood – but now are even more sustainable. There’s a bit of dust when you handle Coffee Logs, but given the added environmental benefits of removing the wax coating, we figure a sprinkling of coffee dust is worth it.” 

Coffe Logs Even more sustainableTo communicate this product change to the consumer, the manufacturer is including a callout sticker on the packaging. The sticker features a QR code leading to a digital landing page with more information. 

bio-bean is also running a social media campaign on Facebook (@CoffeeLogsUK) and Instagram (@coffee_logs) to bring attention to the product improvement. 

The new, unwaxed Coffee Logs are due to reach shop shelves from the 17th of January. 

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