Vegepod - innovative raised garden beds

Vegepod, the Australian manufacturer of innovative raised garden beds, will be showcasing its range at GLEE 2019.

At the show the company, which launched in the UK in spring 2018,  will be focussing on sustainability. In the midst of the “war on plastics”, Vegepod will be highlighting  that its polypropylene beds are indeed eco-friendly, particularly when compared to timber or iron raised alternatives. With a minimum 10+ year lifespan they outlive untreated timber counterparts five fold without the need for harvesting and… Full story

Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre staff with GCA awards

STAFF at garden centres across the Wales & West region are celebrating after scooping awards during a presentation evening at Castle Gardens this week (Tuesday, July 23, 2019).

Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre was awarded Garden Centre of the Year in the Destination Garden Centre (DGC) category and The Old Railway Line Garden Centre scooped the award in the Garden Centre (GC) category.

Iain Wylie, GCA Chief Executive, said: “Our Wales & West regional awards meeting was a huge success and we’d like to thank all those who attended. It was great to hear… Full story

Sipcam Home & Garden Logo for Glee 2019

Leading environmentally-friendly plant care brand ecofective® will feature its rapidly expanding portfolio at Glee 2019, showcasing the latest generation of natural feed, weed and pest control products that cater for the UK’s growing band eco-friendly consumers and organic gardeners.

Ecofective® has experienced strong demand throughout 2019, with sales driven by consumers seeking effective green alternatives to conventional fertilisers and pesticides. The retail ban on metaldehyde-based slug pellets has strengthened the market for natural slug controls, with the company poised to… Full story

Little boy watering plants in Haskins Garden Centre after taking part in the colouring competition

Haskins launches colouring competition of garden scene to encourage children to enjoy gardening

Leading garden centre group, Haskins Garden Centres, is delighted to announce the launch of a new Garden Gang colouring competition in time for the summer holidays.

The colouring sheet template can be downloaded and printed for free from the Haskins website www.haskins.co.uk/garden-gang or picked up in any of the Haskins centres from Monday July 15. To enter the competition, the sheet needs to… Full story

Thorndown Paints to be used in garden design

Garden design is a fascinating and complex job with extensiveThorndown Paints to be used in garden design knowledge required of plants, hard landscaping, irrigation, lighting, soil and micro-climates, and of course, a flair for design is essential.Full story

Bayliss Autovents Unit

One of the biggest challenges for greenhouse gardeners in the summer months is regulating the temperature inside. Ventilation is the key – and it is made much easier with Bayliss Autovents.

When the sun is shining, temperatures inside the greenhouse shoot up, sometimes to 40-50°C if left unchecked – far too hot for most plants. Ventilation the greenhouse by opening the door, louvre and roof vents stops the interior temperature rising too high by encouraging air circulation. When temperatures fall again, on cloudy days or during cooler evenings, close the vents to help maintain the… Full story

Formbar trolley

Formbar are trolley and basket specialists – it is all we do.

We know it is the last task on your list but if you don’t have the right solution to suit your store and brand then your customers can not bring their purchases to your till. The better the basket or trolley the more the… Full story

A selection of Sarah Kelleher Cards

Sarah’s interest in pattern and design goes right back to her childhood whenSarah Kelleher living in the sleepy Cotswold village of Naunton  where she’d draw and create clothing to keep herself amused. She made a pencil skirt at the age of about seven that her parents allowed her to wear… Full story

Power of One logo

Power of One is a new initiative being adopted by Glee to highlight the impact we each have on the environment. Supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, the campaign seeks to demonstrate how a combination of small, individual changes can create a more sustainable future for all.

At Glee, exhibitors and visitors will be encouraged to make a pledge, committing to making one small conscious change to reduce their impact upon the environment and the world in which we live. Pledges could include anything from promising to recycle more… Full story

Indoor playground at garden centre

How much fun can you pack into an indoor playground just 7.5-metres long and 1 metre deep? Leaps and bounds of fun, if you’re Playscheme!

We created the Leaping Platforms… Full story
Family gardening at Greenfingers Garden 'Let's Explore'

The ‘Let’s Explore’ Greenfingers garden opens at Richard House Children’s Hospice 

Greenfingers Charity was delighted to be joined by children, families and supporters at the official opening of the charity’s latest garden project at London’s first children’s hospice, Richard House, on Thursday 27th June 2018.  

Greenfingers Charity was delighted to be joined by five-year old Myles along with parents Jerry and Myra at the grand opening. In the glorious sunshine, Myles, along with Dan and charity Patron Ann-Marie Powell planted a magnolia tree to celebrate the “Let’s… Full story

Why Brits Are Ditching the Lawn Mower - artificial grass

Artificial grass sales are booming, with one retailer* reporting a growth of 20% already this year – before the summer season has even begun. Last year thousands of British lawns were scorched, while this year homeowners are tackling boggy and muddy lawns due to heavy rainfall. For many,… Full story

Meadow View Stone logo

Retailers seeking products of the future and the latest in-store merchandising ideas need look no further than the Retail Lab at Glee. Now in its third year, this inspirational feature area, in association with the Horticultural Trades Association, is bursting with ideas. In fact, 61% of Glee’s visitors say they will attend Glee 2019 as a result of seeing the Retail Lab last year. Here, we meet one of the sponsors of this year’s feature, Meadow View Stone, who brings over 25 years’ experience of supplying the widest range of imported and exclusive decorative aggregates and landscaping … Full story

Lechuza Orchid next to window

As the seasons change, so do your houseplant’s needs. Indoor vegetation is heavily affected by outdoor changes, so to ensure your plants bloom all through the summer, now is the time to start preparing for the upcoming season.

Though some sun-loving plants like succulents and cacti are well adapted to high temperatures, plants that are kept indoors are not acclimated to the extremes of a summer heat wave. Leafy tropicals are particularly susceptible to damage from… Full story